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  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)is one of the new Energy Psychology techniques that have been transforming our understanding of how to create health and well-being, quickly and effectively.

    Tania is an EFT (Founding) Master, (one of only 29 in the world from the original EFT Masters program set up by the developer of EFT, Gary Craig). Tania runs one of the longest established EFT Training Courses in the world. Tania’s EFT Courses are mainly held in Manchester. Her courses are renowned for their depth and fun. Tania is a leading innovator having developed Inner Repatterning and Deep State RePatterning.

    She has extensive experience of using EFT with clients and has worked on a vast range of issues. She works from a clinic in Cheshire, England as well as working with clients throughout the UK and internationally via the phone.

    Her work has been featured on TV and radio shows both in the UK and abroad. She also presents regularly at major international EFT Conferences as well as having been a speaker at the NLP and TAT Conferences. She is also one of the authors of the cutting edge EFT Book, EFT and Beyond.

    Watch: EFT for Absolute Beginners- How to do EFT (This is a brief instructional video on EFT)

    Next EFT Accredited Practitioner Training

    Accredited EFT Practitioner Training
    14th - 16th November 2014
    Investment £325 (Special Discounted Price)

    Find out more about attending EFT Level 1 (14th November) and/ or 2 (15th - 16th November) and gaining an Accredited EFT Practitioner status.

    For details Click here

    Future Accredited EFT Practitioner Training Dates

    Accredited EFT Practitioner Training
    23rd - 25th January 2015
    Investment £340 (Special Discounted Price)

    EFT Level 1 (23rd January) and/ or 2 (24th - 25th January) and gaining an Accredited EFT Practitioner status.

    For details Click here

    Next NLP Training

    7th-10th February 2014

    NLP Diploma Course Investment: £480

    For details Click here

    Next EFT Advanced Practitioner Training

    EFT Level 3 Practitioner Training
    28th February/ 1st March 2015
    Investment £250

    Cutting edge training teaching innovative approaches in EFT, including how to work with issues that stem from birth and pre-birth traumas.

    For details Click here

    Next EFT Consolidation Day

    The next EFT Consolidation Day is on the 26th of January 2015

    Fast track your EFT skills by spending a day tapping with "volunteer" clients in a supervised environment. This counts towards AAMET CPD requirements.

    For details Click here

    Next Public Speaking Training

    Cheshire and Manchester

    Cutting Edge Techniques to maximise YOUR self confidence

    Confident Public Speaking: Open Course: 9th March 2014

    Duration: 1 day

    For details Click here

    Next Inner RePatterning Training

    14th / 15th March 2015
    Only £250

    Learn a powerful, simple, energy therapy that blends mindfulness and heart/ brain balance.

    For details Click here

    Set Up A Therapist Business

    Do You Want to Set Up an EFT Practice?
    Are you running an EFT Practice but finding it a struggle to get clients?

    This is an intensive training day focused on learning the strategies to help you kick start your business.

    For details Click here

    Next EFT Supervision Day

    EFT Supervision Day
    18th January 2015

    Supervision is an AAMET requirement for professional practice of EFT. This is a fun day, for networking, sharing cases and knowledge and keeping up to date on the profession.

    For details Click here

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  • Reviews


    • UnknownAttendee

      “An excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I feel totally relaxed, calm and at peace and feel as if I understand certain issues more clearly that have arisen in my life……….” Level 1 Training on the 18th June 2005: Attendee

    • Anonymous

      “I can honestly say the re-patterning process has changed me for the better beyond my wildest expectations”

    • Unknown

      “( Inner RePatterning) respects the client’s inner wisdom, allowing both the space and time for processing to happen at a profound level. It lets go of the need for too many words or tapping points…And it is so simple too”

    • Attendee

      Thank you Tania for a brilliant course. Very lively, thorough and informative……..” Attendee

    • James Lucas

      Enlightening, fun and enjoyable. Very well presented with enthusiasm and vigour. Look forward to level 2

    • Tony Milligan

      …Thank you Tania for an interesting and enlightening experience. Your patient and caring attitude made the whole day very worthwhile and enjoyable…

    • Tracey Bailey

      “I found the course really relaxed and informal, your presentation outstanding and informative. Not having known anything before I attended I intend to find out more. The venue was also outstanding”

    • Scott Ollie Harris

      “Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed the pace and the venue. Information put across in an easy to use manner. Worked on issues that I would not have thought of. Chocolate, hunger pangs when not hungry i.e after eating. Expands really well from Gary Craig’s EFT DVD Course. Looking forward to doing further training”.

    • Margaret O’Connell

      “I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I loved your style of training. The content of the course was very easy to follow and at times very humorous. I must admit I came today feeling very sceptical about EFT but I am now a believer and am very excited by the new “tool” which I am hoping will remove the blocks to the life that I want to create for myself”.

    • Steve Watkins

      “A great course that flew by. Tania’s presenting is flawless all done with a wonderful sense of fun and laughter that is highly contagious. Tania makes you feel at ease at all times. Her technical knowledge inspires complete confidence in everything she said”.

    • Anonymous

      I gained greater insights on this EFT Course with Tania into the working of the human mind than in my 15 years working in mental health within the NHS. EFT techniques are fast, efficient and get to the root of the problem more quickly than any of the psychological therapies I have previously had at my disposal.

    • Imogen S

      Tania, I am absolutely amazed at your superb skills as a trainer on this course- and so appreciative of the sensitive way in which you managed to keep me engaged at all times, with the group and able to regain, “a good space”, every time things threatened to overwhelm me. Thank you……… from my heart.

    • Margaret CleverleyOccupational Therapist in Mental Health

      Great course, all the techniques covered very thoroughly; very supportive and relaxed environment; Really has given me the confidence to take it to the next level.

    • Angela Cooper

      I have really enjoyed the two days. It was a supportive and creative group. The content was varied and interesting. The teaching style was fun, I remained engaged throughout. I feel competent now to practice these skills and develop further. I really believe in EFT, and the course has confirmed and demonstrated the benefits of EFT. Thank you for an experience of ……….and enlightenment

    • Rose Burridge

      Tanya once again demonstrated excellent training / facilitation skills. All aims and objectives of course have been covered. Tanya demonstrated many new aspects of EFT with participants using personal topics. At all times I felt safe with Tanya. Her style is very enthusing and it was obvious she has a vast amount of skills. She is an excellent ambassador of EFT and I value the fact she will be continuing to support my development as an EFT Practitioner”.

    • Chris Teare

      “During the weekend I found I was able to use EFT much more in depth and able to deal far more issues than ever before. The input was tremendous and mind boggling. I now feel so much more competent to deal with deeper issues on all levels. It was a great help to be part of a smaller class and have more time to ask questions. Thank you very much Tania”.

    • Bill Ashberry

      “This weekend (was it only a weekend) has widened my horizons and leap frogged my capabilities to help me in using EFT. I still feel I have so much to learn and am better equipped to start that journey. I can envisage making better use of my EFT knowledge in a broader service to help people. Also, I have met some lovely people and feel that as a group we have flourished in a carefully cultivated atmosphere of trust, warmth, knowledge and fun”.

    • Julie

      have enjoyed the whole weekend and cleared some difficult issues that have prevented me moving forward successfully in my life. I learned lots of new techniques and how to work on others difficult issues. We have had lots of tears and lots of fun throughout the weekend. I thank you so much for this training”.



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