Treatment of Bulimia: From Shyness to Confidence

A mothers report on how her daughter changed from being incredibly shy to an incredibly confident teenager after EFT. This report also gives insight into how the daughter’s shyness caused bulimia and how dealing with the shyness stopped the bulimia


Public Speaking: Client’s Story of how EFT helped him speak at his own wedding

Public Speaking: Groom’s Speech. Feedback from a client who attended for therapy to overcome his fear of public speaking in order to speak at his wedding.

“…..Everything went amazingly well…..People kept mentioning throughout the night at how confidently they had
perceived I’d delivered my speech…….”


BBC TV Show: Inside Out:

Documentary on Andrea Watson and her fear of flying. Andrea kindly wrote a letter describing how EFT helped her overcome her panic attacks and helped turn her life around. “We used EFT, which I truly believe changed my life. Its so simple but so effective and you can use it anywhere at anytime”.


How Panic Attacks Nearly Ruined My Life

“……Somehow, I managed to drive the 20 miles to her Practice in Macclesfield and within one hour, I couldn’t believe the transformation that had taken place in myself. Instead of breaking down every time I thought of my father, I felt at peace and to this very day I have never felt the need to cry over losing him. I think of him and the happy memories we had together and smile instead……” Article written by the client describing her overcoming her panic attacks using EFT


Newsletter 2: Published August 2007

This contains EFT tips and ideas for the serious (reframed: or not so serious/ fun loving) therapist


Newsletter 4: Published November 2007

This contains EFT tips for finding core events and also maximising the effectiveness of tapping


Newsletter 5: Published January 2008

This article contains a tip on using EFT in a highly creative way.


Tips on EFT 6: Published March 2008

Manifesting abundance by tapping in gratitude


Dynamic Public Speaking

What are the techniques that can help you become a great public speaker


EFT Unleashed; Tips

Repressed memories and methods for checking whether you have really cleared an event.

EFT Unleashed Interview


EFT Unleashed 6: Tips on Dealing with a Physical Problem

Article showing how to communicate with the part responsible for the pain.