Blindness, Partial Sight returns after EFT

Blindness, Partial Sight returns after EFT

Interview of Diane by Tania A Prince, EFT Master.

Diane was registered blind. In 2012 she attended an EFT Training Course that I ran in Manchester, England. During that EFT Training Diane noticed that some of her sight returned. This is the transcript of the interview I did with Diane shortly after the training.


Blindness, Partial Sight Returns after EFTTANIA A PRINCE:  Hello, Diane.

DIANE:  Hello.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Hello.  you can — you came on my training course last weekend.

DIANE:  Yes.

TANIA A PRINCE:  And you had an experience on that training course.

DIANE:  I did, yes.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Maybe you can tell me and the people listening to this tape a little bit about your experience.

DIANE:  Well, I’m very new to EFT.  I came very open minded. Didn’t know much about it, so I wasn’t some person who had lots of knowledge about it.  So I came along and I joined in and I learned how to do EFT. I was very happy with the process of the weekend. And then one of the mornings, I was sat there and I was doing some EFT work, and you yourself was working with another lady, and I was just tapping into my feelings around that issue.  And I was tapping away, and so I moved my head and I thought, oh, somebody’s really opened the curtains.  It’s really bright in here.  Somebody’s let a lot of light in.  Now, I’m registered blind, and I have a little bit of sight in my left side and nothing, or had nothing, in my right side. And what I was experiencing really was this light coming from the peripheral of the edge of my right eye, and I think I was in a bit of shock.  I didn’t really — I was used to this before I lost  my sight.  I should have thought, whoa, this is what’s happening, but it was such a strange experience.  Yes, so there was this absolutely astoundingly bright light.  It was like trying to look into the sun every time I lifted my head, but what it was was that little bit of sight coming back in my right eye so that when the — it was just so bright.  I had been in darkness for four years at that side.  So, yeah, it was a really, really big shock.  Everything seemed so bright and I even needed to lend some sunglasses because I just couldn’t even — even once the blinds were shut in the room, I couldn’t cope with the intensity of even the normal lights.  But, yeah, after four years of darkness, it’s a bit like waking up in the morning and somebody just opening the curtain a little bit and it being really bright for you for a while.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah, and how are you with this now you’ve had a couple of days to adjust to it?

DIANE:  Certainly the brightness is still there.  Beginning to get used to it.  Mobility wise, it was quite strange because I wasn’t used to having that little bit of vision.  Strange when it’s, like, just being on the edge of the road and being able to see the car.  Just getting glimpses of cars going past is just a major thing in my life.  It’s got a lot of changing things happening, you know, actually sitting in a meeting and picking up colour and things, as well. Another thing I did was sat next to a man and he had a red jumper on, and I said, whoa, your jumper is bright.  And he laughed because he wears that jumper to work every day, or, you know, similar colors to work every day.  Everybody was laughing at me because I had just never noticed these things because I just couldn’t see it before.

TANIA A PRINCE:  And I think you told me before, when we talked before, that you said about the peripheral vision and walking down roads and seeing cars.

DIANE:  M’mm-hmm.

TANIA A PRINCE:  How has that improved for you?

DIANE:  It’s just — I mean, it’s suddenly — even my left eye has got little dots and you can work out where things are through these little dots, but this, because it’s a long line, I think it’s just put that little bit of vision I have into HD.  It’s  just suddenly, you know, when you watch a very old TV and it’s all crackly, suddenly I’ve got a little bit of HD vision going on.  It’s so bright for me. The pavement seems bright, you know.  I’m quite pleased it’s the end of September because, you know, the sun’s not quite as bright and it’s been quite dull for a few days.  I don’t know how I would have managed in the middle of the summer. But just being able to see these things.  I just have to keep standing and just take it all in.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Has it improved your life in any which way having this increased vision then, would you say?

DIANE:  I just generally think on top of the increased vision — I mean, obviously I’m ecstatic about that.  I’ve had 12 operations trying to get a bit of vision in the eye and it’s not worked, and, you know, this is sort of — it was less than ten minutes and it was, you know, bits of light were coming through.  But I think the general emotional well being around that and the experience of the weekend, I’m just generally really, really at peace with myself and really happy with myself. And I’ve saw that it’s a change of emotions in me, and some of that is a change of sight and just the fact that you can go away for a three-day course and come home feeling, you know… It’s worth the weight in gold just having that little bit of sight.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah.  And maybe you can explain how you got the problem.  How you went blind just so that people understand the true degree of this.

DIANE:  I was 38 and I had meningitis.  I was also diabetic but I had meningitis and, you know, it was obviously really, really serious.  I was unconscious and, you know, my parents were told, oh, 24 hours they say is the crucial time.  And if this carries on, she’ll probably not survive it even.  And when I came around, I had diabetic retinopathy in my eyes, but it had come very quickly in my eyes as a result of the meningitis. So all the people that have diabetic retinopathy, it gradually goes over a short period of time. Mine was, more or less, instant.

TANIA A PRINCE:  M’mm-hmm.

DIANE:  So I went from, you know, being a practice nurse in a GP surgery, driving a car, having a family, reading bedtime stories and everything to, suddenly, having a completely new life.  Not being able to drive, not being able to read, just generally relearning skills.  And I was registered blind on the blind register. And I got a guide dog.  And that’s, you know where I’m at.  So just been given a tiny bit  of sight, you can’t explain it.  From complete darkness on this side to have that little bit of mobility from that side, it’s worth it’s weight in gold, you know.  It’s priceless.

TANIA A PRINCE:  And just to further add, I think what you told me as well previous was that there is damage to your retina?

DIANE:  Yes.  My retina is absolutely damaged.  It’s had lots of hemorrhages over the retinas.  The retina is severely, severely damaged.  And that’s why, you know, when I had operations, I have not been able to improve it.  So one of the things I want to do, and I’m sure you’ll, at a later date, let people know the results of this, but I’m waiting for an appointment to go back and see my consultant so that, you know — because what we’re doing is they take pictures of the back your eye so that, you know, they can see where the damage is and what’s going on.  So I have had pictures I’ve had done of my eye, my retina, from medical people.  I’ve had pictures.  I’ve done that beforehand.  So, you know, I’d be very, very interested to see what, you know, these pictures show up the next time I have a checkup with these.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Absolutely.  I think that would be absolutely fascinating, and, you know, I think it would be very interesting to see what that shows now after you’ve had this experience.  So if you were to sum up your experience of EFT itself, what would you say about EFT?

DIANE:  Can’t believe it’s not been around forever.  I just like — it’s just — the experience I’ve had is just overwhelming.  From my medical history and my medical work, I look back and think it’s been months and years we’ve tried to solve a problem, and, you know, EFT has got the ability to solve these problems in minutes or hours but, you know, not like years.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah, yeah.  Certainly from your experience because you never expected any kind of result like this.

DIANE:  And actually came on my EFT course thinking they’re not going to touch my eyes.  I’ve become a little bit — because I’ve had 12 lots of surgery in the four years and I’m constantly having checkups and constantly having drops and constantly having all the work.  I’ve come a little bit sort of, like, I really don’t want this anymore.  I just want to get on.  And I don’t want people touching my eyes, and I don’t want people messing with my eyes anymore.  They’re where they are.  I’m okay with this.  I don’t really mind what they do with me, but I don’t want them really to be healing my eyes because I’ve been there and it’s just a whole experience of it is, you know — I think I just sort of — I come with my — my only experience, my only thing was that, you know, it’s a little bit of a too-big-of thing for somebody to, you know…  and from my experience just from the weekend, you know, the too-big-of things are not really that big when it comes to EFT.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Do you realize — I’ll just point out, you realize you only needed a few minutes and there’s other —

DIANE:  I know.

TANIA A PRINCE:  — stuff that you can do and who knows what the future holds.

DIANE:  I think there’s still some work to do.  But I think the thing with sight, I think actually if it would all come back at once —

TANIA A PRINCE:  It would have been too much for you.

DIANE:  I think I would have been — it would have made me ill on the grounds that after that much time — I mean, if you’re in a hospital, they’d gradually reduce the light and you’d be in a darkened room and, you know, you can’t just — even the miners when they were trapped down in the mines, when they come up, they have to cover their eyes.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah, and I think it’s probably — I just believe that nature knows, and it will bring it back in the right speed.

DIANE:  Yeah, I think that.

TANIA A PRINCE:  That’s why, you know, I would not suggest anymore and just let you stabilize this.

DIANE:  Yeah, because, I mean, you would have ended up with me in a blackout all bandaged up or something.

TANIA A PRINCE:  It’s about sensitivity and working with it, isn’t it?

DIANE:  It certainly is, and I think emotionally it could have been — it could have potentially blurred my emotions by having it all back all of a sudden.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah.  Better to go this way, yeah?

DIANE:  I’m actually quite happy.  I know that, you know — I’m not like — I’m really happy I’ve got what I’ve got and I know there’s potential for it to get better even more.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Well, go as it goes and then, who knows?

DIANE:  You know, at the moment, I’m probably the happiest girl on this earth so, you know.

TANIA A PRINCE:  That is so wonderful.  I will let you go on that, but you have a beautiful evening.

DIANE:  I will do.

TANIA A PRINCE:  Yeah, all right.  Then, bye, bye.

DIANE:  Bye for now.


EFT Master, Tania A Prince


Please Note:

This is the personal experience of an attendee at one of my trainings. It does not infer that you would get the same result. People are different.


Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.