Blocks to Moving Forward with EFT Business

Many people have blocks when it comes to setting up in business, in fact I  run an EFT Marketing course. One of the main foccusses is clearing those blocks.  

Anne Yates was one of the people who kindly volunteered to be filmed whilst I worked with her on some issues she had in this area of her life. Although we worked on clearing her blocks regarding her business as Anne points out in the feedback/ story below the issue was also present in her life.  

Anne’s Story: How Clearing Her Business Blocks Led to Her Flying Thru the Trees Like Tarzan

“The day had arrived and in the office the atmosphere was filled with apprehension and in-trepidation!

I had tapped with Tania a few weeks previously on an issue I had had since I was a little girl…..why was it always me that was left on this side of the stream whilst everyone else had thrown caution to the wind and taken the leap across!! This had seemed to follow me through my whole life in many situations I found myself in.

I watched everyone else in the office starting to feel tense…this was the day that we were going team building at Go Ape in Delamere Forest…we all knew we had to climb up in the trees and leap off with Tarzan ropes on to cargo nets, walking high on trapeze wires 40 feet up, coming down on zip wires. I couldn’t help thinking how calm I felt. I wondered would this calmness stay with me or, at the last minute, would I suddenly find my fear again and freeze?

We arrived at the forest and the feeling of calmness stayed with me – I remembered Tania’s words, what if I could do anything, what if I was good enough… we had tapped on my up and coming therapy business and taking that leap of faith that I was capable of being successful. The tapping had made me remember those days as a little girl and not having the confidence to do anything physical.

I stood at the bottom of the first tree and felt no sign of any fear; I started climbing and still felt confident. The first Tarzan rope was in front of me and I fastened myself on to it. Well, this was it, could I, should I? Why not, I thought, and took the leap…the rest of it was easy.

After 3 hours in the trees, I descended the final zip wire and the sense of achievement I felt was amazing, so exhilarating….I came away thinking I could do anything and be successful at everything in my life! So onward and upward……watch this space!”


Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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