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Receiving a cancer diagnosis and then going through the treatment programme can be highly traumatic and draining to the system. EFT can be a tremendous help in getting your life back on track and getting your body back into balance. Below is the Pauline’s account of how EFT helped her. This account is not edited. Pauline has given permission to put her name to what is written below.

Pauline’s Story

On a spur of the moment decision I booked onto the Level 1 EFT course in Manchester, led by Tania Prince.

Two weeks previously I had completed Radiotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer. I had been feeling increasingly more fatigued during those two weeks and my skin in the treatment area was inflamed and sore. I had been given a good prognosis as the cancer was picked up at an early stage and the medical treatment I had received had been excellent. However, I had had six months of feeling cut off from my life, in fact
I felt plunged into another reality altogether…. and actually, I still couldn’t believe I had CANCER.
I am a counsellor with ten years experience in the NHS, well able to take care of myself, or so I thought. I am accustomed to accessing personal therapy when I have needed it in the past but had not sought any therapy during my period of illness.
When I booked on the course I still felt so tired I didn’t even know if I could cope with a full days training! Friends and family were saying, “WHAT, you’re going on a training course?” They had all seen the listless, tired creature I had been over the past few weeks and could not see how I would have the stamina. However they all said, once they were over the shock, “Brilliant, might be just what you need.”
So I arrived on the course feeling fragile but keen to experience what I could, maybe learn some more about EFT to use for me, and maybe, just maybe think about using EFT with clients.
Tania was immediately warm and welcoming, down to earth, and funny. She was also clearly a highly skilled and experienced therapist. I started to learn, and for the first time in six months I connected with the part of me that can help others. That was such a good feeling, a bit like meeting up with a dear and valued old friend I hadn’t seen for a long time!
I shared with the group when we introduced ourselves that I had been diagnosed with cancer and had just completed my treatment. Then as we started to work together I realised that I felt safe enough in the group to work on my own issues. I began to work on my anxieties about returning to work, a source of some quite intense feelings over the past few months. Each time I thought about work, even the building itself, I was aware of a strong negative sensation. Being told I had cancer and subsequently leaving work very suddenly had led me to feel disconnected with my life and coupled with the shock of the diagnosis I had spent the last few months feeling as if I had been dumped into an alternative reality in which I had little or no control.
By the end of the first day I felt excited and wanted to know more about EFT and find out whether I could continue the process I had started of freeing myself from some of the trauma of the last six months.
Still feeling the radiotherapy fatigue, I arranged to come back the next day (for the
Level 2 course) if I felt up to it!
I did go back and completed level 2 over the next 2 days
By the time I had completed three days training I felt a different energy emerging in me, like the “old” me but different. I felt literally freed up from the trauma of the cancer diagnosis and all the accompanying difficulties, so much so I was able to make plans for the future and carry them through in a way I had been completely unable to do before the course. I had been emotionally stuck in the events of the last six months but I am now able to look ahead with a greater degree of positivism than I have had for a very long time. The radiotherapy fatigue is slowly improving and the skin damage from the radiotherapy has all but gone. I feel more confident in my abilities and excited about the future. I intend to learn more about EFT and energy therapies in general with a view to offering this way of working to clients. But perhaps more importantly I have got back in touch with my personal resources and energies in a very real sense and this has helped me enormously in my ongoing recovery from the emotional impact of the cancer.

One of my plans is now to develop my skills with EFT and to offer it to others who have had cancer and who may feel stuck in the emotional trauma of the diagnosis and treatment. Happily many more people survive cancer than ever before but it is still a life threatening disease and the journey through it is frightening, depressing and ultimately challenges us to the core. Alongside other therapies I hope EFT will come to be recognised as a major tool in this particular arena as well as in many others.

Pauline S

May 2009

All the best,


Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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