Addictions and Weight Issues


EFT and Trauma

TANIA:                  Hi, my guest today is Sophia Cayer, who is an expert in the treatment of trauma and abuse, using energy techniques and specifically EFT. So welcome Sophia. SOPHIA:               Thank you Tania. It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. TANIA:                  Now Sophia is an EFT founding master and has extensive experience of using […]


EFT and the Art of Reframing – Time

Mastering the art of reframing is one more tool in your therapeutic arsenal that can help you become even more effective in gaining results using EFT. Reframing is also fun for both the therapist and client. With that in mind, this article contains information on a stunningly easy, fun reframe. It is one I commonly use.

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Free Teleseminar- Living Energy Secrets

speakers include: Tapas Fleming, the developer of the incredibly powerful TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Donna Eden, author of “Energy Therapy”…….


EFT and Weight loss

EFT can be very effect approach for working with compulsive eating issues that lead to weight gain. Behaviors are driven by underlying emotions. EFT is highly effective at dealing with these emotions. When the emotions shift so does the behavior.

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Integrating the Inner Child with EFT and NLP Approach

 The Next Deep State RePatterning (DSR) Course that I am running is on the 20th of February, however I thought I would publish an article I wrote recently that has been published in the EFT International Buzz and the EFT Mastersworldwide Newsletter. I have been getting some excellent results with the DSR process, even with people who have […]



Been to Spain, Turkey, Ireland, and the south coast of England, now I’m finally back to blogging. Life is just so busy. The EFT DVD’s that were filmed in Wales have arrived. After a week I have finally taken a peak at them. I am taking them down to the EFT Masterclass in London conference, which is […]

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Chocolate Addictions: “I want to Throw a Tantrum!”

Chocolate addictions: dealing with the immediate cravings can often be an extremely easy thing to do using EFT. In fact because it can be so easy to do and is so easy to demonstrate tat it is taught in the EFT Level 1 syllabus. Sometimes however to clear out a chocolate issue you have to dig deep. […]

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TAT Event in Ireland with Tapas

Just got back from the TAT Conference in Ireland.  (Actually got back yesterday). TAT is an incredible technique. Like EFT it is an energy psychology technique. However whereas with EFT we have to get very specific (usually) to get results, with TAT we can be stunningly global. What does that mean? For one thing it means […]


Free EFT Audio Session on Weight

The session is a recording of the follow on session that I did with Debbie. Debbie volunteered to let me film working with her. The filmed sessions are in post production. I interviewed Debbie on her progress following the filming. She reported that she was on track and had lost 8lbs without trying. Now that […]

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EFT Filming Updates

I think it is really great to hear back from people I have worked with. Today, I received an email from a lady who volunteered to be filmed on the 1st of May in Wales. The work we did was on her lifelong weight issue. She has lost 8 lbs without even trying, she said […]

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EFT, TV Shows and Chocolate Addictions

This is the Outsiders TV Show in which I worked with Claire on her £30/ $60 per week chocolate addiction. The EFT session lasted 45 minutes in reality although only a small portion of this was screened in the documentary. This Swedish documentary TV show was filmed in March 2007 in North Wales in the […]

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