Food Addictions

EFT and Weight loss

EFT can be very effect approach for working with compulsive eating issues that lead to weight gain. Behaviors are driven by underlying emotions. EFT is highly effective at dealing with these emotions. When the emotions shift so does the behavior.

By Tania A Prince | EFT . Food Addictions . Weight problems

Chocolate Addictions: “I want to Throw a Tantrum!”

Chocolate addictions: dealing with the immediate cravings can often be an extremely easy thing to do using EFT. In fact because it can be so easy to do and is so easy to demonstrate tat it is taught in the EFT Level 1 syllabus. Sometimes however to clear out a chocolate issue you have to dig deep. […]

By Tania A Prince | Food Addictions . Weight problems

EFT, TV Shows and Chocolate Addictions

This is the Outsiders TV Show in which I worked with Claire on her £30/ $60 per week chocolate addiction. The EFT session lasted 45 minutes in reality although only a small portion of this was screened in the documentary. This Swedish documentary TV show was filmed in March 2007 in North Wales in the […]

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