How to Rebirth Yourself using EFT

Hi, I recently interviewed EFT Founding Master and author Jacqui Crooks on the subject of rebirthing for my podcast, EFT Unleashed. Below is the transcript from the interview. For many people birth can be a traumatic experience. It can be the root of many issues that they experience later in life. Rebirthing is the process […]


EFT and Ancestor Doom

Hi, EFT is a powerful tool for dealing with the traumas we experience in our lives. However it isn’t always our traumas we need to deal with. Sometimes it is about clearing out the ancestral legacy passed down to us by past generations. In this interview my guest EFT Master Jaqui Crooks talks about  ancestral […]

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Mastering EFT: Letting Go of Mother on a Pedestal

EFT: When Do You Know You Have Tapped Enough? Knowing When You Have Tapped Enough At a recent EFT Training course I ran in Manchester I asked one of the attendees at the end of an EFT practice exercise, to describe how the event he had tapped on with his fellow attendee looked now? He […]

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EFT: Was the Irish famine Responsible for Mary’s Health Issues?

“Although I have tackled many of my issues with EFT and other therapies over the years I would still find myself with shoulders hunched and tightness in my chest. However since my session of Deep State Repatterning I feel liberated from this burden and can appreciate the many gifts my ancestors have passed on. I believe that DSR helped me to get to the root of my ‘survival driver’ and using EFT released it for me and my ancestors”.


EFT, Deep State RePatterning and Past Lives And Ancestors

Hi, EFT can be extremely effective in getting results. For the most part when using EFT we typically look for the foundational events that are supporting the current issue. We then clear the emotions/energetic disturbance around those events. Typically we work on events from early childhood upward as these seem the most accessible to the client. However roots […]


EFT Masterclass Conference- What is on?

Hi, Finally after months of preparation the EFT Masterclass Conference is nearly here! I have just finished fine tuning the schedule- ohhhhhhh don’t ask. It took me ages. If you would like to find out more about the event go to EFT Masterclass Conference- Near Manchester England Day 1: Saturday the 10th October 2009 […]


EFT World Blog Talk Interview

Hi, Just thought I would mention this, I will be a guest on Gary William’s EFT World Blog Talk Radio show on the 11th of March, the start time of the show is: 6.30pm GMT – 10.30am pacific – 1.30pm eastern Gary is going to be interviewing me about using Deep State RePatterning, an advanced […]


EFT and Working with the Ancestors or Different Generations

Can tapping on the issues of members of the family from past generations (ancestors) have an effect on YOUR current life problems? In my experience it can. Deep State RePatterning (DSR) is a very powerful  process that clears issues by dealing with the roots. The roots of problems can be in early childhood experiences upward. This is typically the easy stuff to find […]