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Manchester Arena Bombing: The Effective Treatment of Trauma

Hi, The Manchester Arena bombing had a devastating impact on those who were at the Adriana Grande concert that evening. Witnesses of the event were also left traumatized. Months have passed and yet we still read about the impact of this event on the lives of those affected by this horrific event. EFT and Mindfulness […]


EFT and Infertility

Interview on Emma (EFT) Topic: Infertility in female Setting: Audio Recording: Emma Time Span: Tania 5:03 Tania: Alright. So, if we go for this yeah I’m ready for that, many couples of problems when it comes to fertility. My guest today is Emma Roberts an expert in the area of working with fertility issues using EFT. […]

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EFT Therapy: Using EFT to Get to the Root of a Problem

Hi, Here is an interview I did a while ago with Gene Monterastelli on Getting to the Root of a Current Issue. It is a regression technique that can be used in EFT Therapy. It can be very powerful for finding the Core Issue beneath the clients or even your own current problems. Hope you […]

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Free Teleseminar- Living Energy Secrets

speakers include: Tapas Fleming, the developer of the incredibly powerful TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Donna Eden, author of “Energy Therapy”…….


Living Energy Day- Interviews about EFT

Link to the interviews by Tania A Prince, EFT Master for the Living Energy Day Event on the 20th of June. The recording is packed full of interviews with people talking about how EFT has impacted their lives. Geust talk about, bereavement; broken backs, cancer, social phobia, infertility, self harming, divorce, relationships, abundance.