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How to market an EFT Business

Many (EFT’ers) have had the dream to set up in business and work helping people, but that dream has not manifested itself. Why is this? Two Reasons: Blocks and Lack of Marketing Knowledge


EFT and Starting a Business

Hi, I just thought I would post on this topic since I meet so many people whose dream is to start a therapy business and have so much to offer and yet cannot successfully get started. I started my first business at 22 years of age and have run businesses continually since that point. From […]

By Tania A Prince | Business Training . EFT . Law of Attraction

EFT and Business

I will be presenting EFT to the Business Community in Runcorn on the 9th of July at the Heath Business and Technical Park. Maureen Fearon who has featured on many tv and radio shows, most recently for giving people tips on how to do great interviews, has invited me to demonstrate EFT for her networking […]


Clearing a Fear Of Public Speaking can Change Your Life

Very few people realise the true impact that a fear of public speaking can have on a person’s life. For one thing it can dramatically hold you back in your career. People stunningly good at what they do can feel frustrated at the fact that they cannot present their work confidently to their peers. It can also […]


Next Confident Public Speaking Training Course

The next public speaking course I am running will be at the Stanneylands Hotel in Wilmslow in Cheshire on the 18th of May. I couldn’t resist going back to this hotel after holding my retreat and last public speaking course at the venue. Great atmosphere and great food. We will be using loads of EFT. […]


Public Speaking: The Power of Pausing using EFT and NLP

Powerful presenters are masters at the art of pausing. Pauses can dramatically increase the effectiveness of a presentation. Of course we are talking about pauses that either occur naturally or are used for effect by the presenter, as opposed to the awkward pause that occurs as a result of the mind blanking. Big difference! Pauses […]