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EFT Masterclass in London

Just a quick update, for those who intend to book onto this event, the early booking discounts is nearing the end. If you want to take advantage of the discount you need to head over. Dr Pat Carrington and Carol Look will be amongst the presenters

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Steve Wells and David Lake tapping away in London

Just got back from the event, well actually yesterday, and thought I would share some of the pictures that I took. The one on the right is me with David Lake and Steve Wells taken on the Sunday. There was a great atmosphere at the event, some great therapy and innovative approaches to using energy […]


Update to the Steve Wells Interview

I have just added the full interview to the blog, Tania Prince’s Interview with Steve Wells. Technical hitches, don’t you just love them. Well, I didn’t realise until a while after uploading the interview that the length of it was no where near the  original length of the interview, so…….. I have sorted it out. […]


Tania Prince’s Interview with Steve Wells

Download file Steve Wells well known for his work with PET a more provocative form of energy therapy, closely related to EFT, kindly agreed to be interviewed  for my blog. Humour, the do’s, the dont’s the how to. Listening to this interview could save your life. There is an art and skill to incorporating humour into […]


EFT: Exploring Consciousness Event in West Yorkshire

Gwyneth Moss a fellow EFT Master just sent me this post regarding an event she has set up called, EFT: Exploring Consciousness Event, this will take place on the 26/29th April. Gwyneth and I both had the opportunity to watch Gary (Craig) over in Boston doing EFT whilst the volunteers subjects were wired to brain wave monitors and the […]


Humour and Exaggeration: Can therapy be fun?

Steve Wells well known for his work using Provocative Energy Therapy  has kindly written this blog about the use of humour in therapy. Do we really have to be serious to create powerful change? I’ll let Steve answer that.  Tania  Exaggeration for Fun and Profit Here’s an interesting question for you: If this (our work) is about Emotional Freedom, […]