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Manchester Arena Bombing: The Effective Treatment of Trauma

Hi, The Manchester Arena bombing had a devastating impact on those who were at the Adriana Grande concert that evening. Witnesses of the event were also left traumatized. Months have passed and yet we still read about the impact of this event on the lives of those affected by this horrific event. EFT and Mindfulness […]


Using EFT to Support Cancer Treatment

Hi, To be diagnosed with Cancer can be devastating. But what can you do to begin to help yourself? Emma Roberts is an EFT Master, she is the author of the book, Even though I have Cancer. She has extensive experience working in the area of providing support whilst a person is undergoing cancer treatment. […]


EFT Masterclass Conference Interviews

Audio interviews with three of the presenters at the upcoming EFT Masterclass Conference, London 2011. EFT Master, Judy Byrne talks about EFT and how forgiving can make a huge difference to a person’s life. Interesting fact from the interview, did you know that cats are the only animal that seemingly does not forgive? So, don’t annoy your cat, there will be consequences:-)

By Tania A Prince | Conferences and Events . EFT . Free Audio File

Living Energy Day- Interviews about EFT

Link to the interviews by Tania A Prince, EFT Master for the Living Energy Day Event on the 20th of June. The recording is packed full of interviews with people talking about how EFT has impacted their lives. Geust talk about, bereavement; broken backs, cancer, social phobia, infertility, self harming, divorce, relationships, abundance.


Z Point Process- Interview with Grant Connolly

Hi, Grant Connolly was one of the guest speakers at the 2009 EFT Masterclass. At the conference he introduced Z Point therapy, an approach he has developed. Grant will be making a return visit to the UK from 19-21st March 2010, where he will be running the first live ZPoint Process Retreat and Practitioner Training at Gorton Monastery […]


EFT and Working with the Ancestors or Different Generations

Can tapping on the issues of members of the family from past generations (ancestors) have an effect on YOUR current life problems? In my experience it can. Deep State RePatterning (DSR) is a very powerful  process that clears issues by dealing with the roots. The roots of problems can be in early childhood experiences upward. This is typically the easy stuff to find […]


Integrating the Inner Child with EFT and NLP Approach

 The Next Deep State RePatterning (DSR) Course that I am running is on the 20th of February, however I thought I would publish an article I wrote recently that has been published in the EFT International Buzz and the EFT Mastersworldwide Newsletter. I have been getting some excellent results with the DSR process, even with people who have […]


Snake Phobia: EFT, did it work?

I recently worked with Ruth over the phone dealing with her snake phobia using EFT. Ruth kindly agreed to allow the session to be recorded and gave permission for others to be able to listen to that recording. Below is the follow up interview I did with Ruth. When using any form of therapy it […]


Free EFT Audio Session on Weight

The session is a recording of the follow on session that I did with Debbie. Debbie volunteered to let me film working with her. The filmed sessions are in post production. I interviewed Debbie on her progress following the filming. She reported that she was on track and had lost 8lbs without trying. Now that […]

By Tania A Prince | Free Audio File . Weight problems

EFT and Working with Pain

The Colour of Pain EFT can be a powerful technique for working with pain issues. There are two main EFT approaches that we use: Working with the physical symptoms with techniques such as “chase the pain” Working with the emotional roots Working with the emotional roots can get great results………..BUT (the big one) how do we […]

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