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EFT and Ancestor Doom

Hi, EFT is a powerful tool for dealing with the traumas we experience in our lives. However it isn’t always our traumas we need to deal with. Sometimes it is about clearing out the ancestral legacy passed down to us by past generations. In this interview my guest EFT Master Jaqui Crooks talks about  ancestral […]

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Living Energy Day-World’s First 24 Hour Tele- Seminar

Tomorrow at 10 am UK time I will be taking part in the world’s first 24 hour tele-seminar promoting Energy Healing. This is going to be a huge event. My Guests include:

Janet Broughton: Janet will be talking about how EFT helped her make a full recovery after breaking her back in a car accident. One of the amazing things about Janet’s story is that she is just on the verge of leaving the UK to set up a YOGA Retreat! It wasn’t that long ago she walked with a stoop and was in a lot of pain and was told there was nothing more the health services could do for her.


EFT Masterclass Conference- What is on?

Hi, Finally after months of preparation the EFT Masterclass Conference is nearly here! I have just finished fine tuning the schedule- ohhhhhhh don’t ask. It took me ages. If you would like to find out more about the event go to EFT Masterclass Conference- Near Manchester England Day 1: Saturday the 10th October 2009 […]


EFT Masterclass Conference 2009

Hi, The EFT Masterclass Conference is now live. Finally after months of background work the bookings are open. I am really excited at the line up of presentations we have at the conference this year. I love innovation, we certainly have that! Tapas Fleming the developer of TAT is our special guest. She is going […]


Tania Prince’s Interview with Steve Wells

Download file Steve Wells well known for his work with PET a more provocative form of energy therapy, closely related to EFT, kindly agreed to be interviewed  for my blog. Humour, the do’s, the dont’s the how to. Listening to this interview could save your life. There is an art and skill to incorporating humour into […]


EFT: Exploring Consciousness Event in West Yorkshire

Gwyneth Moss a fellow EFT Master just sent me this post regarding an event she has set up called, EFT: Exploring Consciousness Event, this will take place on the 26/29th April. Gwyneth and I both had the opportunity to watch Gary (Craig) over in Boston doing EFT whilst the volunteers subjects were wired to brain wave monitors and the […]


Humour and Exaggeration: Can therapy be fun?

Steve Wells well known for his work using Provocative Energy Therapy  has kindly written this blog about the use of humour in therapy. Do we really have to be serious to create powerful change? I’ll let Steve answer that.  Tania  Exaggeration for Fun and Profit Here’s an interesting question for you: If this (our work) is about Emotional Freedom, […]