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Manchester Arena Bombing: The Effective Treatment of Trauma

Hi, The Manchester Arena bombing had a devastating impact on those who were at the Adriana Grande concert that evening. Witnesses of the event were also left traumatized. Months have passed and yet we still read about the impact of this event on the lives of those affected by this horrific event. EFT and Mindfulness […]


EFT: Eliminating the Blocks to Love

Love is a powerful emotion. When we feel loved it can transform our lives. When we don’t, it can be devastating. So many people struggle through their lives trying to find love but without them even realizing they may be pushing it away. In this podcast interview my guest was Maureen Fearon. Maureen is also […]


Inner RePatterning and PTSD

“I couldn’t quite believe it! I tested it out. I walked home – Ambulance sirens didn’t bother me, busy traffic was on the road, and I on the pavement – no reaction. We went into a busy restaurant – no reaction – amazing!”

By Tania A Prince | EFT Training Courses . Inner RePatterning . PTSD

Living Energy Secrets Season 3

Just in case you are interested in checking it out, the Living Energy Secrets is closing down Season 3 this Sunday at midnight, you still have time.


EFT Inner RePatterning -Accreditation

new approach, EFT Inner RePatterning….asked whether we would like it accredited by a leading professional UK body- wow! Things are moving really fast.

By Tania A Prince | EFT . EFT Training Courses . Inner RePatterning

EFT Inner RePatterning- Audio Interview

Inner RePatterning is a new EFT process. I just thought I would post a download link to the audio interview about it.

By Tania A Prince | EFT . EFT Training Courses . Inner RePatterning

Feedback from an EFT- Inner RePatterning Session

“Before the session with Tania (using EFT-Inner RePatterning) I seemed to have a blurred vision of everything around me when I thought of giving presentations…as if I couldn’t focus on any one thing…hence the feeling of going blank when I thought of standing up in front of a group!

The difference in my vision after the session was phenomenal!”


Inner RePatterning- a Radically Different EFT Approach

Inner RePatterning is an approach that works in the Now, the current moment in time. It does not require you to delve into the past or the future. It does not require that you try to understand your problem, in fact during the process there is no attempt made to understand at all.

By Tania A Prince | EFT . Inner RePatterning