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How EFT cleared Kerrie’s Spider Phobia

Kerrie had had a life long phobia of spiders. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Kerrie was booked to visit Australia where spiders are not only bigger than in the UK, they can also be poisonous. Prior to her Australian trip Kerrie was booked on to an EFT Level 1 course. […]

By Tania A Prince | EFT . Humour . Phobias . spider phobia

EFT: Common Mistakes that People Make: Part 1

EFT can be a powerful technique. I have seen it create amazing change remarkably quickly. When I first started out I worked with a lady who had a lifelong phobia of spiders. This lady read an article in a newspaper regarding my work with phobias and contacted me. Before she agreed to come to my clinic […]

By Tania A Prince | EFT . Fast therapy techniques . Phobias . spider phobia