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EFT Projection Tapping

Hi, This is the transcript from a really great fun interview I did with my colleague, Gwyneth Moss on a technique she developed called Projection Tapping. It is a great way to work with children, and it is a great fun way to work with adults. Give a read. At the bottom you will find […]

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Manchester Arena Bombing: The Effective Treatment of Trauma

Hi, The Manchester Arena bombing had a devastating impact on those who were at the Adriana Grande concert that evening. Witnesses of the event were also left traumatized. Months have passed and yet we still read about the impact of this event on the lives of those affected by this horrific event. EFT and Mindfulness […]


EFT and Infertility

Interview on Emma (EFT) Topic: Infertility in female Setting: Audio Recording: Emma Time Span: Tania 5:03 Tania: Alright. So, if we go for this yeah I’m ready for that, many couples of problems when it comes to fertility. My guest today is Emma Roberts an expert in the area of working with fertility issues using EFT. […]

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EFT Tapping Therapy: Fear of Taking Responsibility

Hi, Below is an article sent to me by William Thomas who I trained in EFT. I thought it would be a nice article to publish because of the way that William uses language, very clear and to the point. Although this case is done in a very simple way, it is all about results. […]

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Using EFT to Support Cancer Treatment

Hi, To be diagnosed with Cancer can be devastating. But what can you do to begin to help yourself? Emma Roberts is an EFT Master, she is the author of the book, Even though I have Cancer. She has extensive experience working in the area of providing support whilst a person is undergoing cancer treatment. […]


EFT: Jim’s Painful Shoulder Pain Relief in 15 minutes

Hi, I previously published an article about Jim and how his discomfort and restriction in his shoulder movement had gone within 15 minutes after he volunteered for me to use the EFT, Chase the Pain approach at the EFT Training. Below is an excerpt from the article as well as a link “Jim had damaged […]

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Struggling with back pain? Join me and 20 plus specialists in this unique summit..

Hi, Pain can be debilitating. It can destroy lives. Back pain in particular can be devastating! It is often not until you experience back pain that you realise how important the back is when it comes to mobility and quality of life. The number of people who experience back pain is truly astounding. It is […]

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EFT and Ancestor Doom

Hi, EFT is a powerful tool for dealing with the traumas we experience in our lives. However it isn’t always our traumas we need to deal with. Sometimes it is about clearing out the ancestral legacy passed down to us by past generations. In this interview my guest EFT Master Jaqui Crooks talks about  ancestral […]

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Mastering EFT: Letting Go of Mother on a Pedestal

EFT: When Do You Know You Have Tapped Enough? Knowing When You Have Tapped Enough At a recent EFT Training course I ran in Manchester I asked one of the attendees at the end of an EFT practice exercise, to describe how the event he had tapped on with his fellow attendee looked now? He […]

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Blindness, Partial Sight returns after EFT

Interview of Diane by Tania A Prince, EFT Master. Diane was registered blind. In 2012 she attended an EFT Training Course that I ran in Manchester, England. During that EFT Training Diane noticed that some of her sight returned. This is the transcript of the interview I did with Diane shortly after the training.   […]


Car Accident Pain – Dramatic Improvement After EFT

Hi, At the last EFT Training course that I ran in Manchester, Beryl very kindly agreed to let me demonstrate on her the Chase the Pain approach. Chase the Pain is a very simple process for applying EFT to pain and physical problems. It can also be used on emotional issues, as a gentle approach, […]

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EFT – LOA, Feeling trapped and starting a business

Hi, Here is another case using EFT. This time it is in the area of success and business. Or another word that describes the session is manifestation. The Dream Shannon’s dream was to run her own therapy business. She had already attended my EFT Training courses in Manchester. So was fully qualified to work as […]

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Smoking, Addictions and EFT

One of the ways that EFT can be applied to help a person stop smoking is to deal with the person’s original motivation to smoke. Generally cigarettes do not have a pleasant taste at least initially so in order for the person to become a smoker their motivation has to be sufficiently powerful that they are able to overcome this aspect of the cigarette. Typically people start smoking at a young age.

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EFT – Eliminating Shoulder Pain in 15 minutes

Within one round of EFT, Jim was able to move his arm upward to a 45 degree angle, much to his own astonishment and to those in the audience who started to whip out their cameras! Within minutes Jim’s arm was easily reaching a vertical position.

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EFT and the Art of Reframing – Time

Mastering the art of reframing is one more tool in your therapeutic arsenal that can help you become even more effective in gaining results using EFT. Reframing is also fun for both the therapist and client. With that in mind, this article contains information on a stunningly easy, fun reframe. It is one I commonly use.

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