How EFT cleared Kerrie’s Spider Phobia

Kerrie had had a life long phobia of spiders. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Kerrie was booked to visit Australia where spiders are not only bigger than in the UK, they can also be poisonous. Prior to her Australian trip Kerrie was booked on to an EFT Level 1 course. […]

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The EFT Humorous Comment of the Week

By Tania A Prince EFT Master EFT can be a powerful life changing tool. BUT did you know it can also save lives, well this is an email I received from one of my past client’s that really brightened up my day, so I thought I would share it with the blogging world. (After asking […]

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Tania Prince’s Interview with Steve Wells

Download file Steve Wells well known for his work with PET a more provocative form of energy therapy, closely related to EFT, kindly agreed to be interviewed  for my blog. Humour, the do’s, the dont’s the how to. Listening to this interview could save your life. There is an art and skill to incorporating humour into […]


Humour and EFT therapy

After reading Steve Wells (PET) comments on humour and therapy I felt trully inspired to blog more. Humour is a tremendous tool to use in therapy. People often have the view of therapy as this serious world where there is endless crying and great distress. Well sometimes, occasionally it is, however for the most part if you […]


Humour and Exaggeration: Can therapy be fun?

Steve Wells well known for his work using Provocative Energy Therapy  has kindly written this blog about the use of humour in therapy. Do we really have to be serious to create powerful change? I’ll let Steve answer that.  Tania  Exaggeration for Fun and Profit Here’s an interesting question for you: If this (our work) is about Emotional Freedom, […]