EFT and the Art of Reframing – Time

Mastering the art of reframing is one more tool in your therapeutic arsenal that can help you become even more effective in gaining results using EFT. Reframing is also fun for both the therapist and client. With that in mind, this article contains information on a stunningly easy, fun reframe. It is one I commonly use.

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NLP- Success and the “as if” frame

one of the things we ask people to do is act “as if”. So, for example if you want to run a successful business, act “as if” you are running a successful business. How can you do that?

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EFT, Deep State RePatterning and Past Lives And Ancestors

Hi, EFT can be extremely effective in getting results. For the most part when using EFT we typically look for the foundational events that are supporting the current issue. We then clear the emotions/energetic disturbance around those events. Typically we work on events from early childhood upward as these seem the most accessible to the client. However roots […]


Mental Strategies, Visual Imagery and EFT

Mental Strategies, Visual Imagery and EFT Emotional states don’t just happen. There is a process to it. For example a person may visualise being alone in their house and then feel isolated and alone. The two stages that I have highlighted in the example are: 1. Visual image of being alone 2. Feeling state of […]

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EFT, NLP and Inner Child Work Technique

Hi, This is a new video that I put together about the Deep State RePatterning Technique. Deep State RePatterning has been accepted by the EFT International as a meridian energy therapy in its own right. All the best, Tania


Integrating the Inner Child with EFT and NLP Approach

 The Next Deep State RePatterning (DSR) Course that I am running is on the 20th of February, however I thought I would publish an article I wrote recently that has been published in the EFT International Buzz and the EFT Mastersworldwide Newsletter. I have been getting some excellent results with the DSR process, even with people who have […]


EFT and NLP: Deep State Repatterning

 Just thought I would post this email from June. June is the lady who volunteered for me to use the new Deep State Repatterning process that I developed. Deep State Repatterning combines EFT with powerful NLP approaches. I have been having a lot of success using this approach. I have also set up the 1st […]


Deep State Repatterning: A powerful new approach in EFT

Deep State Repatterning is a powerful new approach I developed that can work with  those cases in which standard EFT approaches seem to make little headway. A colleague of mine who went to one of the first EFT events set up in the US dealing with people with issues told me how many of the attendees […]


Public Speaking: The Power of Pausing using EFT and NLP

Powerful presenters are masters at the art of pausing. Pauses can dramatically increase the effectiveness of a presentation. Of course we are talking about pauses that either occur naturally or are used for effect by the presenter, as opposed to the awkward pause that occurs as a result of the mind blanking. Big difference! Pauses […]