Clearing a Fear Of Public Speaking can Change Your Life

Very few people realise the true impact that a fear of public speaking can have on a person’s life. For one thing it can dramatically hold you back in your career. People stunningly good at what they do can feel frustrated at the fact that they cannot present their work confidently to their peers. It can also create constant, non stop stress, especially if you have a fear and have to confront it on a regular basis. This often happens in modern companies, you don’t need a large crowd to experience this fear, for some a small meeting can be enough to create this type of anxiety. Small meetings can occur daily for some employees.

At my public speaking courses I spend a lot of time clearing the deep internal programmes that run this fear. At the end of the course we test our results. All well and fine. The true test however is what happens in the outside world. Below is the feedback from a lady who attended one of my recent courses. Umm… 70 people in the audience- fairly nice test. (By the way number of people in the audience is a trigger for many people. Some people are fine with small crowds but give them a large audience and they flip).

“….I had been waiting for an opportunity to confirm the effectiveness of the course and this didn’t come about until a few weeks ago when, three days before an event, I was asked to give a brief talk to the delegates about the organisation I work with and my role within it. There were about 70 people in total, all of them professionals. Although I was a little apprehensive beforehand I think this was mainly due to being unsure of how to structure my talk (it needed to be motivational as I was asking them to do something outside their usual remit – but for a good cause). When the moment came for me to stand before them, instead of terror I felt calm and serene. I was able to put some feeling into what I was saying, whereas before I always felt I’d come across as rather stilted and formal. And when I walked back to my seat, the person sitting next to me said: ” Oh, you’re such a wonderful speaker. You’re so serene. I wish I could be like that!”. I was absolutely exhilarated! In fact, I still am. I no longer quake at the thought of having to speak to a group of people (I actually picture it as enjoyable now, especially having such a positive experience to draw on when I want to feel confident). So many, many thanks, Tania, for your wonderful course. I know it’s a cliché to say that something can “change your life” but that’s exactly what your course has done for me……”

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Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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