Conferences, Writing articles and Chaos

Wow, keeping up with blogs is harder than it looks especially when you have so many things vying for your attention.

I have been doing a lot of writing lately (amongst billions of other things), and Gary (Craig developer of EFT) has published two of the articles so far. One was dealing with bereavement, the other on addictions. I used to get really excited waiting to see whether my articles would get published, however I am doing so much at the moment I don’t have time for getting excited, including packing to go on holiday. I think I have written about four articles on reframing and EFT and I’m talking at the EFT Master Training Boston Conference on reframing.
Almost thought I had made a big mistake booking the flights to Boston, I thought I hadn’t used my married name on the tickets (I use my married name on my passport, I never use it otherwise) I had visions of US passport control looking at me with their guns. What a vivid imagination! I wouldn’t have even got out the UK, never mind that. Luckily I had booked them in the right name.

The conference should be even more interesting now as Gary Craig will be attending and doing some exciting stuff on stage. Just in case anyone is interested the web address for further information is

Steve Wells (Australian developer of PET) has just sent me some photos that were taken at his recent London Conference. He is back in the UK in October for anyone who is interested (

Steve’s style is really innovative, entertaining and certainly a must see for anyone who is really interested in mastering Energy Therapy. PET is a more provative form of EFT. After attending and helping at his last London Conference I was still laughing three days later. I was going to post the pictures however I don’t know how to do that, considering I can write websites, optimise pages etc etc, isn’t it always the simple things that get you.

Lastly, I am working on giving my subscribers a gift. I will tell more when I make sure they will be no technical hitches doing that, so with that I will sign off.

All the best,

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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