Setting Up Your EFT Business

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This course is for students who have attended an EFT Skills training. The course objective is to enable students to apply their skills in the therapeutic environment. The course includes; how to do a consultation; how to create your contract with your client; how to provide information so that people inquiring about therapy can make an informed choice as to whether to work with you. It also provides information on how the initial therapy session should be structured and also follow up sessions as well as essential resourced needed to set up your practice.

Course Content

This course includes essential information and resources for running a practice.

  • Legal Information
  • Informed Consent and Disclaimer Form
  • Building Your Therapy Skills Set
  • How to do a Consultation
  • How to Conduct the First Therapy Session
  • How to Conduct Follow Up Sessions
  • Resources

Documentation Included

  • Consultation Forms
  • Disclaimer and Consent Forms