Dynamic public speakers can be enthralling to watch. Unfortunately public speaking is one of the biggest phobias/ fears in the World; in one survey this fear was found to be more common than the fear of dying. It is estimated that 75% of people suffer from this public speaking fear to varying degrees.

Although many people experience this fear to some degree, most people do not realise that they can do something about, typical symptoms that you have with this problem are:

  • Needing to write copious notes regarding the presentation
  • Wanting to be in the background
  • Feeling an urge to leave the room when presenting or prior to presenting
  • Fear that you are going to run out of words or forget your words
  • Palpitating heart when waiting for your turn to speak
  • Out of body experiences (not the spooky kind you see on the films, it is the one where instead of feeling grounded and centred, you are watching yourself as if you are an audience member and checking out how you are coming across from the audience’s perspective)
  • Instead of listening to what people are saying you are focussed on your internal feelings and symptoms, you feel very self conscious.
  • You are consciously having to think about what you are doing, such as “what should I say next”, rather than spontaneously responding to what is happening around you.

Less obvious symptoms can be:

  • Procrastination when preparing your talk
  • If you run a business, not doing anything that will put you personally in the spotlight (many people I have worked with and helped clear their fear of public speaking have reported back to me that miraculously they have taken the steps to putting their business on the road such as, “getting their leaflets printed”, “putting out advertising” )

How can you become a dynamic public speaker?

  • Develop inner confidence
  • Master the skills of top presenters

Well you are probably now thinking, easier said than done. Well perhaps it is easier than you think IF you use the right techniques.

The techniques that I would recommend for developing dynamic public speaking are EFT, NLP and TAT. These are three of the most powerful techniques we have available in the world today for creating profound inner change and eliminating nerves.

Secondly to develop the skills, again I would recommend NLP. NLP is about communication, whether it is verbal or non verbal. Good or excellent communication skills are required if you want to become a dynamic public speaker.

As part of being a good communicator I would also recommend you work on your voice and develop a dynamic range. A dynamic voice can be extremely enticing to listeners. In fact there is a whole art and skill to using your voice. Did you know that voices which draw out the vowels tend to lead to greater rapport with the audience, whilst ones that have a lot of consonant sounds break rapport. Rapport is crucial when presenting.

So step one in becoming a dynamic public speaker is eliminate YOUR NERVES completely. All the skills in the world will not help you if you are nervous. Step two, work on your skills, such as body posture, story telling, language and communication skills and your quality of voice.


Tania A Prince,