EFT and Infertility

EFT and Infertility

Interview on Emma (EFT)

Topic: Infertility in female

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Tania: Alright. So, if we go for this yeah I’m ready for that, many couples of problems when it comes to fertility. My guest today is Emma Roberts an expert in the area of working with fertility issues using EFT. She’s also an EFT founding master an international trainer of EFT. So welcome Emma.

Emma: Hi, Tania

Tania: So Emma what led you to wanting to work with fertility issues?

Emma: Well I sort of found it by mistake I was working at a G.P. practice near where I live in Wandsworth, South West London, which is known as being, nappy valley with a lot of parents of young children. A lot of people trying to conceive and the doctors’ practice I was working with, kind of had a reputation for working with fertility issues. And so I would get sent all the people who have no organic cause, no obvious reason as to why they couldn’t conceive. You know the thinking was that possibility this is an issue like psychological or emotional whatever.  it was a fascinating area to work with and I was lucky enough to see dozens; many dozens of couples both together and both separately as well. I work with men and with women and while there, it gave me a huge, amount of experience in a very short space of time. That was about 15 years ago now, I suppose. Ever since then I’ve kind of been attached to a fertility clinic in London, who send me so many clients who often are just having problems conceiving but there’s no reason for it. Nobody can find any reason. I’ve been working on IVF support as well. So yeah that’s what brought me to it. It is a really interesting area to working in.

Tania: I can imagine. So maybe you have some success stories you can share with us.

Emma: I’ve got lots of success stories but the thing about it is, you can never just pin it down to just EFT although sometimes. Yeah, because they are trying everything, people are trying diet, all sorts of things. But my gut feeling is that EFT often is the thing that makes the difference. It is also one of the things that people can use themselves. Which I think is highly valuable to empower themselves. I’ve got many, many stories but one that comes to mind particularly was a girl, she was quite young really she was in her early thirties desperately trying to become pregnant with the first baby and nothing is happening. And we met and went through  basically her history  and it turned out she had this really traumatic history not her personally but her sister were caught up in troubles in the far east, Middle East and she had been held hostage. And this lady had witnessed her mother’s distress I guess and it seemed her unconscious had made a vow that I will never go through what my mom’s gone through. No it’s just not safe to be a mother. And it took a bit of time, a couple of sessions I think, two or three sessions to actually get to this point. But when I kind of introduced it, try this out to see how this feels intuitively and she goes, “well that’s it isn’t it”, she said.

And anyway we tapped on that and it cleared and it involved tapping through the different traumas, witnessing her mother and you know remembering what happen to her sister and all different pieces there. And she went off and got pregnant and it was all fine now I can’t say hand on heart that was the work that we did. But I think it has to be.

Tania: The thing is, you are talking about vows the immense power of a vow, and you know literally holding us in a place, really

Emma: Absolutely, I mean I think vows are a kind of super turbo charged belief if you like, a     kind of belief. But even more solid as a decision we make at certain points. 99 % of the time they are unconscious. Although to get to that I was just asking the right questions which are really important. Listening and picking up things intuitively from her unconscious communication which led me to that. I mean I didn’t land it on her. She kind of told me that was what had happened without telling me in those exact words. But you know safety comes up so many times. That’s very big. Is the mother safe to have children, relationships with your own mother, safety around child birth all sorts of things and lots of vows.

Tania: So thank you for sharing that story. It’s a very powerful one I think you know if people are listening to this they maybe resonate with that kind of thing, maybe if we are observing others and the impact it has on us. You know

Emma: I mean you hear so many stories about child birth and people only tell you the bad stories.

Tania: I was going to say, are there good ones then?

Emma: Yes Tania, there are good ones. There’s a lot. I think the good ones very much are when there is an absence of fear.

Tania: Yeah

Emma: I do spend quite a lot of time at the other end, the conception and also the birthing end too. Working through the different fears, beliefs that are set up by hearing what people have said. Or what your own birth was like etc. It’s amazing what people dump on us about child birth. Well, it’s actually a completely natural process once you clear the fears around that. It seems a bit easier not all the time but the majority of the time people do seem to have natural birth. And you know at the other end of the scale the conception stage, it’s a really curious thing, we spend most of our teenage years, most of us trying really hard not to get pregnant. And sometimes that can be drummed into us; drilled into us so much that again it’s like a vow. It’s just not safe to get pregnant and you start clearing that, and you want to look at things, if you’re a practitioner, things like your parents attitude to sex and your pregnancy and that sort of thing, current attitude to sex.

Tania: So, what would you say are the most common blocks you come across when working with fertility. You’ve mentioned a few just now but what are the most common things that keep reoccurring that you keep seeing?

Emma: I think it kind of becomes an obsession, in that conception is a miracle and we kind of lose sight of that and people kind of close down there emotionally. It all becomes like ticking off the dates in a calendar, taking your temperature, all this sort of thing which takes us away from actual love and the healthy environment, the heart centered environment if you like, to conception. Another area where it is very, very common is people who’ve had terminations maybe in their teens or in their 20s. And whilst they think that they’re over it, you start working through it asking questions you’ll find often a lot of guilt or grief that comes up around that that needs to be cleared.  “I’m not fit to be a mother”, that sort of stuff which is all an illusion none of its true but it feels true and you have to kind of dig with questions to get to these things, you can’t just lay it on your client.

Tania: Yeah absolutely. You make a very good point. People often think they’re over it just because time has moved on, you know, and I heard that said so many times by people but as you say, when you go back to it, its like you take that layer off of the top and you reveal, and you see, how much is just stored there within those people.

Emma: Yeah, I mean I will always go there. If somebody’s said to me they have had a termination but they are over it, I will always go there. I will say, “Just humor me, let’s just check this out, because, there could be some energetic component that is still knocking around that is just getting in the way”. You know and so often there is. And that I think. That can be a turning point.

Tania: I mean much of what you’re doing, as with all EFT, is just optimizing the conditions.

Emma: Yeah

Tania: For health really isn’t it.

Emma: It’s creating the environment. There are lots of other things you can do with it to. For people who do have an organic or medical cause, some form of diagnosis and are going through IVF or maybe egg donation. There’s still a lot that you can do to optimize the internal environment, the womb, the follicle growth encourage all that. Using Pat Carrington’s Choices is a fantastic way of working, “Even though I have only got, I ‘m not going to get enough follicles I choose to have eight on my left and five on my right or whatever”. It seems if you combine that with visualization as well, it becomes really powerful. Well, the body seems to obey more often than not, it’s fascinating but you have to do it. You have to do it a lot, you can’t just do it one round. You have to be on the case like you would be if you were taking any form of medication. You have to do it quite often and I think the visualization component is very important.

Tania: Yeah, I think, you know, just getting the person on board to keep doing that as you say rather than just do it once or twice and giving up on that. Its repetition it’s really getting that message in there, isn’t it.

Emma: Yes it is absolutely, and I do think that the words, “I choose” are very, very powerful. Because they kind of by pass our conscious defenses, you can’t really argue with choice.

Tania: No and that’s the beauty of that phrasing isn’t it really and the power that it holds over us.

Emma: Yeah, absolutely, the power of language, full stop.

Tania: So with that being said you know, if there is someone here who is listening to this that maybe has some fertility issues, what tip or piece of advice would you like to give them. You know that would help them.

Emma: I would say first of all, obviously go and get your self checked out medically, get tests. Knowledge is power, work out where you are and what is going on for you. And we are talking about this as if it is always the women it’s not always the women at all actually, it’s pretty evenly spread. Find out what’s going on and then I would say work with somebody else, this is too emotive really to do a huge amount in there, you can do some on your own to  take the edge of it. But if you get stuck, work with somebody else who is experienced who can ask the right question to get to the core of whatever that vow is or whatever the belief is that may well be holding you stuck. That would be my advice.

Tania: That is some excellent advice and because you did bring it up, you know, we have talked mostly about women as you said. What is the most common thing you come across with the guys, with the men?

Emma: Well sperm motility is usually the problem and bizarrely you can tap on that with the Choices again and people do seem to get results. And it is also those lifestyle changes that may need to happen. Simple things like not putting your mobile phone in your jeans pocket seems this changes the sperm count, very basic things, but also smoking, alcohol, and this pressure to have sex.

Tania: Oh yeah, that will instantly put a lot of stress on a person, doesn’t it especially when there is, “I have to” involved.

Emma: Exactly, it really does, relationships can suffer through this too, so you want to have an awareness. So in an ideal world you want to have an awareness of this too. You want to see the couple separately and then see them together as well. Because, you want to build a loving nurturing environment for an embryo to come into, for a baby to be born into as well. That often gets lost when you are going through fertility treatment. It’s all about tests and monitors it becomes a science rather than a loving act.

Tania: Loving act

Emma: Oh yeah

Tania: But thank you very much for sharing that and thank you for sharing that success story as well. So, Emma, how will people be able to get in contact with you if they want to find you out there?

Emma: Okay well my web site is theeftcentre.com spelt the English way center (CENTRE) dotcom and my e-mail is theeftcentre@gmail.com. So feel free to email me though and all my contact on the website which will help as well.

Tania: So thank you very much for coming on my show today and thank you to everyone for listening as well.

Emma: Thank you for inviting me.

Tania: Bye, bye

Emma: Bye

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.