EFT and Inner Child Work

Part 1: Approaches to Inner Child Work

Inner child work seems is becoming increasingly popular as a way to work with EFT. Combining the two approaches can be an interesting way to work.  It can create deep inner healing as can any method of working that goes to the deep roots of the issue.

There are different ways you can approach inner child work, I personally start by establishing communication with the inner child whilst having the client tap on the karate point.

Generally I ask the adult client to go inside and ask the child,  “what do you need in order to heal?” This is a great starting point as it lets you know where you need to go with the EFT. A point about starting inner child work in this way is that the inner child is now being listened too and their needs established. You are also beginning to set up acceptance and unconditional positive regard for the inner child, this can be extremely healing in and of itself.

Typical things that the inner child has communicated is:

“I need to be held”

“I need to be loved”

Of course if the client is antagonistic toward the inner child you would need to clear this first, reframing whilst using EFT is a great way to do this.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.


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  • Hi Tania, Thanks for the tips on getting in touch with my inner child. I had got to the stage of her wanting to be picked up but having done that she was rather hostile towards me. Maybe because I didn’t ask her what she wanted and just assumed holding her close would be enough.
    Now I’m shifting because I have asked her what she wants and we’re moving on, its a lovely feeling to know I’m on the right track at last. Thankyou.

    Jen Mcfarlane
  • Hi Jen,
    Nice to hear from you. I always think you need to ask permission when dealing with the inner child and not assume anything. You might find the new technique I have developed called Deep State RePatterning interesting. It covers inner child work to the point of reintegrating the inner child back within you, so that you have inner harmony rather than separation.

    I am doing a free teleclass on the approach on the 12th of December, if you are interested you can sign up for information at http://www.eft-courses.co.uk

    All the best,

    Tania Prince

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