EFT and Pain: Innovative ways to work

Many physical problems are thought to be caused by emotional issues. When EFT’ers work with a physical problems, they may tap on the physical symptoms or they may explore and tap out the emotions underpinnings the problem.

But how can you find the emotional underpinnings?

At my recent EFT supervision session in Manchester, one of the supervisees at the event volunteered for her fellow students to work on a knee problem she was experiencing.

She had previously tapped on the pain in her knee to no avail. She had been to the doctor and tests had been carried out to see what was wrong. These tests had been unable to find a physical problem, yet she was in pain as if her knee cap was not fixed in place. Surgery had even been mentioned as an option to treat he problem.

Normal practice in EFT is to question the client and ask the usual set of questions such as, “What was happening in your life when this began?” – good question- she answered, “nothing”

In fact she put the problem down to her playing golf. Another question asked was “what emotions do you have around playing golf” her answer was, “a little frustrated”.

It became obvious quite soon that questioning the client directly was not really getting that far. So, we decided to address the knee directly.

She was asked to tap on the karate point and then told to ask her knee, “What does it need to communicate to allow the knee to heal?”

She went quiet as she tapped and went inside to ask the question. After a few moments her head popped up and she smiled and said, “it said it is fed up of supporting me”.

Questioning the knee further it was obvious the pain was connected to her not being able to ask for help off anyone. The group then tapped on this theme for the client. The pain subsided to next to nothing. She was able to walk around the room as her previous limp subsided. In fact she said that the last time the pain had gone like that, was when she had been given a cortisone injection.

The pain stayed away most of the evening and only returned later when she was experiencing some big emotions related to what was happening in her life.

The interesting points to note is that the pain went for several hours- this was an unusual experience for her

Also the team of people working on the problem did not tap out the underlying emotion issues which the exploration of the problem had highlighted but merely stated a process. In my opinion there is far more work to be done in order to clear the emotional roots. For one thing she needs to get past the block that stops her asking for help.

Since that point she has started tapping and communicating with the symptom in the knee and being guided by that communication as to what to tap on.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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  • Please can you help me find out way i’m in so much pain with my back an was i’m a big depresstion person.

    Jacqueline smith

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