EFT and the Inner Child: How do you do it?

eftinnerchild5-200.thumbnailTania A Prince interview with Ann Ross about EFT and the Inner Child (All stories discussed in this interview are with the permission of the people concerned)

Ann Ross EFT Master


Many therapists work with the inner child. I myself do inner child work amongst the many different approaches that I use.

Therapists can work in different ways. I always think it is really great to hear from others how they approach specific topics. Ann Ross, fellow EFT Master, dropped in (you know what I mean: arranged to be by the phone) and be interrogated  interviewed by me.

In this interview Ann explains what creates an inner child, she gives specific examples and demonstrates inner child work. Unfortunately since I was the only other person on the line in the interview I had to volunteer. Did I really want to tell the whole world that I have a stompy inner child? Who gives a hoot, it is as it is! And since I do come from a show business background, the show much go on, no matter what!

For anyone interested Ann is running a level 1 and 2 EFT training down the South of England, Exeter on the 23/24/25th of May 

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.


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  • Hi Tania,

    I enjoyed listening to your interview with Ann Ross. Your ‘stompy’ child made me laugh. Good on yer for sharing that with us! You are a good sport! There’s no business like EFT business is there. My inner child is a kid dressed in vile man-made-fibre, frilly, itchy frocks (UGH). No wonder I scour the shops and the internet looking for non-frilly 100% cotton clothes.

    Sorry to hear that you got chopped-up by the eeejut car driver. Did you do surrogate tapping on them? (I wouldn’t bother asking for permission.) I think Guru Gary (Craig) is probably right when he says, why ask for permission to surrogately tap when you wouldn’t ask permission to curse folk. I’ve certainly never asked permission before hexing someone. That driver is either rubbish at driving or they have some emotional issues to work through, eh? Or they could be rubbish at driving AND have emotional issues to work through (doubly scary). I once saw a driver rolling a fag and steering his car with his knees. I don’t remember learning that useful little skill. It certainly never cropped up on my test. I just did the boring stuff like: mirror, signal, manoeuvre. I used to ride motorbikes, too, but you couldn’t really roll a fag on those cos your baccy would blow away.

    Best wishes to you!

  • Hi Tania,

    Thanks so much for this email. I have been plagued by my inner child for most of my adult life( i am 30 now). I recently attended a workshop and learned how to use EFT on myself. My inner child has been like a screaming baby inside my head until a few weeks ago. Through EFT I was able to reach and engaged in a 4 hour conversation with my inner child – an experience i will never forget! I am now moving on and dealing with a slightly older, more manageable child and through the use of EFT I am clearing emotions i was always led to believe i would need to learn to cope and live with. I can’t wait to start taking EFT onto the next level.

    kirsty x

  • Hi Kirsty,
    Thank you for that. I will be seeing Ann tomorrow as we are doing some filming in Wales, I will pass on what you have said. I am really glad that you have found EFT and Inner child work of great help to you. I spoke to Ann the other day and said “wouldn’t it be great to break this down into a simple ABC plan of how to do Inner child work, so we may well collaborate on that some time soon.

    All the best,

    Tania Prince
  • Dear Barbs,
    Great to hear from you. I love your emails and comments. They make me smile. I always love to hear your adventures using EFT.

    Best wishes,

    Tania Prince
  • Tania, I first met you at the Boston workshop and was very impressed with your style and approach to EFT. Thank you for this interview, I feel that innerchild work is very important and have not yet experimented with it. I just started working with a woman that this will be very helpful with. Also, my sister who is huge on innerchild work but only uses EFT intermittently will find this very helpful.
    Thank you again and I hope someday to travel to England and take one of your workshops.


    Kim Kolb
  • Ah inner child – my favourite way of working with clients because it’s sooooo effective, and special. As you know Tania I have worked with inner child, both with and without EFT for some time now. Something that I do, particularly when issues are deep rooted, is actually get the inner child to do the tapping on them self. I discovered this by chance when working with my own inner child. I had been working on an issue using inner child work that was taking some time shift and I suddenly thought, having recently been on a EFT workshop, hey lets try EFT here. So I asked my inner child
    • Did she know about EFT – yes she did, (of course she would because she is me)
    • Did she know how to do it? – Yes she did.
    • Would she like to do it now for this issue – yes she would

    Then just like you would do with a client, we sat down together and my inner child repeated what I said and followed my tapping. It was very effective.

    Since then I have used it with many of my clients– and to date all the inner children know about EFT and how to do it!!. I find it just takes healing to the next level and is so powerful.

    Lots of love

    Niki King

    Niki King
  • Thank you for sharing that with us Kirsty. I am glad EFT and Inner Child work is helping you so much.

    All the best,

    Tania Prince
  • Thanks Kim, I enjoyed the Boston Conference alot myself, especially meeting with everyone.
    I may well be going back to Boston.

    Both me and Ann really enjoyed doing the interview. I think doing Inner Child work with EFT just broadens it out.
    There are just so many ways that we can use it, it is amazing.

    One of the most interesting ways I have ever seen EFT and Inner Child work combined happened years ago. After working with a client I finished the session with a post hypnotic suggestion for the clients unconscious mind to continue to work on her issues, etc.

    For the next two nights her mind took her back over her time line to younger versions of herself and taught the younger version to tap. The transformation was amazing to say the least. Her own father did not even recognise her when she phoned up to speak with him (her voice had changed along with her more relaxed state of mind)

    All the best,

    Tania Prince
  • Lovely to hear from you Niki. I am still smiling about the inner child work we did at the supervision, when we re-integrated your inner child.

    Thank you for sharing your way of working with the inner child and thank you for all you contributed at that supervision day. It was good fun to say the least.

    All the best,

    Tania Prince

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