Training Overview

This is an intensive introductory training course that provides students with a thorough grounding in how to effectively use EFT. The course includes demonstrations and gives students plenty of opportunity to practice with fellow attendees in a safe, supervised environment.

What Will You Learn on the EFT Level 2 Course

1. How to use EFT with physical problems including pain

2. Chase the Pain: How to use this highly effective technique for dealing with physical problems and also as a gentle approach for working with emotional issues

3. How to find and work on the emotional roots of physical/ pain problems

4. Precision questioning techniques for finding the core issues beneath “the problem”

5. Fast regression techniques for finding specific events pivotal to the current problem

6. How to remove limiting beliefs

7. How to create affirmations that work by removing “tail enders”

8. Strategies for effectively working on issues

9. Sneaking up on “the problem”. This can often help keep the EFT session more comfortable emotionally for the client or yourself if you are learning EFT for your own issues

10. Setting up multiple feedback models to effectively monitor progress whilst using EFT

11. How to work with groups using EFT

12. How to do “borrowing benefits” effectively and safely

13. How to work over the telephone and internet

14. Introducing EFT efficiently and effectively to clients. It is important that you know how to do this as if you do not introduce in a way that fits with your clients “model of the world” you risk having them reject EFT and therefore miss out on the potential benefits they could gain by using it

Certification at Completion of this Training Course

At the end of successfully completing this training course students will be given an Attendance Certificate.

Gaining An EFT International Accredited Practitioner Certificate

To gain the Accredited status students need to complete post training requirements set by the EFT International. These are: submit 4 case histories which are at a level 2 standard. Complete an online Multiple Choice Questionnaire, which is available at the EFT International site (EFT International charges a fee for this facility which at the time of writing this is £15) and attend a Supervision Day (Supervision Day is £80). And do 6 hours post training study. Post training practise time is also required, it currently stands at 30 hours.


Follow the links below to go to the registration pages for the training date you would like to attend. During registration you will be given the choice to book either, level 1 or 2 or both.

Course Venue: Conference Rooms, YHA Manchester, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4NB

Car Parking: There is a pay car park at the venue

New Prices 2019

As of 1st January 2019 prices are as follows:
£420 – EFT Level 1 and 2 (Practitioner)
£165 – EFT Level 1
£295 – EFT Level 2

EFT Level 2

19, 20 January 2019

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EFT Level 2

2, 3 March 2019

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EFT Level 2

11, 12 May 2019

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EFT Level 2

13, 14 July 2019

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EFT Level 2

31 August, 1 September 2019

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EFT Level 2

9, 10 November 2019

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EFT Level 2

Training Dates