EFT/ DSR and the Power of Dissociating


Deep State RePatterning (DSR) is an approach that I developed based on EFT, NLP, Inner Child Work amongst other things.

One of the interesting points about Deep State RePatterning is that you do not need to feel the emotion to use this approach. In fact Deep State RePatterning works by viewing the event from the past (that is the cause) related to your current issue on a screen. This effectively dissociates you from the experience. The person on the screen is treated as separate to you. Also because the person is on a screen you can move it further away or closer and thus have a lot of control over remaining calm and at peace whilst using this approach (Other simple strategies are used alongside this to help maintain tranquility). Because of this you can work with events that were very emotionally intense.

So what are the benefits in working this way?

There are lots; one is that you do not need to feel the emotions as I said before. Another is that generally you can SEE the changes occurring in front of you (you don’t have to be good at visualizing to use this approach). So therefore you can map your progress.

Another great benefit is that it allows you to get at the hidden, unconscious stuff going on. Why would that occur? Well in Deep State RePatterning as in NLP parts work we can talk with the part. This actually results in bypassing the conscious mind. The answers can often be totally enlightening. Clients often preface it by saying, “this may seem totally ridiculous, but this is what I am getting” (or words similar to this). Dealing with the  stuff that lies beyond our conscious awareness can be an extremely powerful way of getting results.


She talks about how in a 15 minute session with DSR, she cleared her panic issue but also felt she discovered who is. Since the training she has noticed she has become very intuitive.

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Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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