EFT Filming in Wales

Just arrived back from the EFT Filming that took place in Wales. EFT Master Ann Ross joined me on the second day.

We worked on some really interesting cases. One was a lifelong weight issue. By the end of the session in which we dealt with the underlying causes of this problem, Debbie noticed that the Jaffa cakes that she had brought with her smelt “chemical” , less appealing.

Other issues that the volunteers brought were:

a. Feeling stuck in their life/ job

b. Procrastinating about finishing a project for college

c. Relationship issues

d. Scared to move forward into promoting their business (I think I dealt with this type of issue twice with two different volunteers)

And other issues

EFT Volunteers Day 1

These are the volunteers from the first day of filming, I’m in the back trying the peek over the ones at the front. In the background you can see scenic Wales. (Shannon, Paul, June, Anne, Adel, me and Sally)

I don’t know when the dvds will be available but I will post it when they are.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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