EFT Training Course Level 3 Reviews

EFT Course: Level 3 – REVIEWS

“Tanya once again demonstrated excellent training / facilitation skills. All aims and objectives of course have been covered. Tanya demonstrated many new aspects of EFT with participants using personal topics. At all times I felt safe with Tanya.

Her style is very enthusing and it was obvious she has a vast amount of skills. She is an excellent ambassador of EFT and I value the fact she will be continuing to support my development as an EFT Practitioner”.

Rose Burridge

“An in depth course which enabled me to learn in a multi sensory way through an excellent course leader and course participants about Emotional Freedom Therapy.

June Kaye Spencer

“During the weekend I found I was able to use EFT much more in depth and able to deal far more issues than ever before. The input was tremendous and mind boggling. I now feel so much more competent to deal with deeper issues on all levels.

It was a great help to be part of a smaller class and have more time to ask questions. Thank you very much Tania”.

Chris Teare

“Very enjoyable and instructive.

I feel I have left with much greater confidence in my ability to practice EFT.

Thank you Tania for being you and for the help and reassurance”.

Margaret Jewitt

“This weekend (was it only a weekend) has widened my horizons and leap frogged my capabilities to help me in using EFT. I still feel I have so much to learn and am better equipped to start that journey. I can envisage making better use of my EFT knowledge in a broader service to help people.

Also, I have met some lovely people and feel that as a group we have flourished in a carefully cultivated atmosphere of trust, warmth, knowledge and fun”.

Bill Ashberry

“Useful revision and info from previous course. Lots of new information and new techniques introduced in a detailed, easy to understand style. Great amount of case histories and examples from Tania’s own experience which illuminated and re-enforced points throughout. Tania gave excellent support to all students. The environment feels totally safe. I learned so much from her excellent demos and the way she supported our own experiential learning. Lots of interesting and humorous stories were used throughout which kept the atmosphere light and made the learning fun. She inspires me with confidence and makes me believe that I can do it!

The music and dancing was an added bonus- maybe you should include it at all your courses.

Excellent- really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your next course!!”

Julie Robinson

” have enjoyed the whole weekend and cleared some difficult issues that have prevented me moving forward successfully in my life.

I learned lots of new techniques and how to work on others difficult issues.

We have had lots of tears and lots of fun throughout the weekend.

I thank you so much for this training”.