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Special Guest: Tapas Fleming: Developer of


After focusing on enlightenment, interpersonal relating and emotional release for many years, Tapas Fleming began an acupuncture practice in 1987 specializing in the treatment of allergies.  Searching for a simple, effective treatment, she developed TAT in 1993. Tapas soon realized that in addition to relieving her patients’ allergic reactions, TAT was learning the effects of their past unpleasant or traumatic experiences in an easy, gentle way.  Now one of the most celebrated leaders in energy psychology, Tapas has taught TAT to hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic people worldwide.  She always finds it a great pleasure to teach TAT to others because it is so empowering and liberating and supports people in creating a vibrant, healthy life full of meaning and  fulfillment.
Tapas lives with her family in Redondo Beach,CA where she has a private practice.Tapas can be contacted via her website atwww.TATlife.com

Andy Bryce, EFT Master

Andy began his training in Healing and Spiritual growth in 1985, he was initiated as a Master Healer and then certified as a Clear Channel of the Ascended Masters. Andy then combined these skills with Reiki and soft tissue bodywork that he developed under the name Breakthrough Bodywork.

Andy led men’s groups for eight years as a volunteer coach and mentor and worked as a counselor with teenagers in care for ten years for the Government of British Columbia.

He has been working with EFT since 2000 and became certified as an EFT Master in 2006.

Andy has delivered workshops, lectures and personal sessions on four continents, six countries and many states in the last five years.  Andy combines his strong intuitive powers with his healing initiations to enhance the amazing effects of EFT.

Andy believes that releasing past trauma and regaining your natural health can be fun and he brings heart and humour to all his presentations. Andy recently moved to the United Kingdom and is a dual citizen of Canada and Great Britain.

Andy can be contacted at






website is at


Tania A Prince, EFT Master

Tania is an EFT Master having been awarded that designation by Gary Craig in

2006. She

has worked with thousands of clients on a vast range of issues,

including building confidence, eliminating fear of public

speaking, blushing, panic attacks, success coaching, phobias,

depression, addictions, anxiety, weight management, agoraphobia

and serious illnesses, etc. She works from two clinics in

Cheshire, England as well as working with clients throughout the

UK and internationally via telephone. Her work has been featured

on TV and radio shows both in the UK and abroad. She has presented

at all the Masterclass Conferences in the UK as well as in

America at the Boston EFT

Masters Showcase. She also presented at the TAT Conference in Dublin on TAT and NLP in

coaching. She is a highly experienced trainer and has run

courses on EFT for over 9 years.

Tania has over 16 years experience working in the field of

hypnotherapy/ psychotherapy. She is a UKCP registered

hypno-psychotherapist. She is also an internationally

recognised trainer in NLP, EFT, TAT and Hypnotherapy, as well as having trained in counselling and BSFF.

Tania comes from a

scientific background. She studied

chemistry at Leicester University and also worked in the

field of biochemistry. In addition she has also worked in show business for

ten years. During that time she worked as a creative director,

designer, in marketing and management as well as

performing. She has set up and run businesses since the age

of 22.

Tania is the developer of the Deep State

RePatterning process which is a powerful approach which


EFT/ NLP and Inner Child work. This approach clears issues from

their deepest roots; it works with ancestral, past life,

pre-birth, birth and after birth causes. Deep State RePatterning

is recognised by the EFT International as a therapy in its own right. As

well as running level 1-3 courses on EFT, Tania also runs

courses on Public Speaking and Marketing in Manchester, England.

Tania can be contacted at tania@eft-courses.co.uk


website is at www.eft-courses.co.uk



Ann Ross, EFT Master

Ann is a talented and creative therapist, coach and facilitator.  She is recognised world wide as an inspirational teacher and presenter, with a highly developed intuition and a heart and mind attuned to a more expansive view of the world.  Ann is well known for walking her talk and inviting students and clients to do the same.  She is the creator of “EFT for Being True to your Self” and has been featured on radio, and in magazines many times.  She trains level 1/2/3 EFT and is a TAT Trainer.  She has also developed many workshops and courses such as “Millionaire Mindset” “Who do you think you Are” and “Designing Your Own Destiny”.  Ann also trains people to be EFT coaches and leads interactive teleclasses.

Ann can be contacted at ann@eftuk.net and her website is at www.eftuk.net


Emma Roberts, EFT Master


Emma Roberts is

based in London, and is a full time EFT practitioner and

trainer.  She is co-founder of The EFT Centre in London with Sue

Beer, offering a wide range of EFT trainings from Level 1 – 3

and specialist trainings in the fields of Sexual Abuse and

Trauma, Addictions ( Healing the Addicted Heart, The Five Stages

of Transformation), Cancer (Living with Cancer), Opening to

Love, Fertility and Weight Loss.  She was also involved with

organising the very successful first EFT Masterclass in London

gathering a variety of international EFT Masters together to

showcase their new work with EFT.

Emma and Sue

also run regular evening group EFT sessions in Central London,

using Borrowing Benefits as a means of allowing a greater

population to really experience EFT working for them, and

getting it out there!  Emma believes that EFT is a practical

tool to be shared with everyone, and this is at the core of all

her work. Emma has a full time practise in Wandsworth, South

West London.  She also works at Breast Cancer Haven, a charity

involved in the support and healing of anyone suffering from

breast cancer, offering group workshops and individual sessions.

When she

originally began working in the fields of both fertility and

cancer Emma believed that EFT would be primarily useful in

managing the stress responses to the different diagnoses.  Now

experience would dictate that the possibilities of working with

EFT are more far reaching than she ever imagined.  She is

passionate about her work, and so excited, as she gets to

witness miracles on a near daily basis.  We really don’t know

what is possible!

Emma specialises

in the highly sensitive area of sexual abuse and trauma and

believes that EFT is the missing link in fully resolving these

past issues and allowing us to move forward in our lives in a

whole new way.  It is a very gentle and safe way of working, and

the work itself is both beautiful and transformational for both

client and a joy to witness.

Emma can be contacted at

emmaroberts.consultants@gmail.com and her website is at


 Sue Beer,

EFT Master

Sue Beer has a

private practice in London, UK specialising in working with

addictions and personal transformation. She has a deep, personal

understanding of addictive processes and how to get free of them

which informs her worldwide work with individuals and groups. By

background Sue originally trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy

before becoming inspired by the powerful possibilities of

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP. Then Sue’s passion and

instinct for what works led her to EFT! She is also a dedicated

student of A Course in Miracles, co-founder of The EFT Centre in

London, creator of the ‘Opening to Love’ and ‘Healing the

Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation’ workshops, as well

as author of the soon to be released book with the same title.

Sue can be contacted via her website is at


Judy Byrne, EFT Master

Judy Byrne has had nearly  20 years

experience as a therapist and weaves her EFT into a

background of psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy

and EMDR. She is also a

TAT professional.  She has presented at the EFT

Masters Showcase in Sydney, Australia and at all the

International Masterclasses in the UK.  She organised

last year’s in London.  She does personal therapy and

runs workshops to teach all three levels of EFT as well

as specialist EFT and energy therapy  events


London.Two of her particular interests

as a therapist are helping people to find self

acceptance and dealing with the aftermath of traumatic


You can contact on her on

info@judybyrne.co.uk or



or via her websites










Tam Llewellyn- Edwards, EFT Master



Tam Llewellyn-Edwards background is

Homeopathy and as a Meridian Therapist, but now he treats

almost exclusively using energy therapy and EFT in

particular. He works full-time with his wife Mair, at

Tickhill Clinic, a Complementary Health Clinic in South

Yorkshire UK. He particularly enjoys tutoring EFT at all

Levels in compliance with the

EFT International guidelines for workshops.

Tam holds the degree of Doctor of

Philosophy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and

is a Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, & the

Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy

Techniques. He holds the chair of Professor of Homeopathy &

Energy Therapy at Calamus International University and is an

assessor for the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Tam is a Shaolin Ch’uan Kung-fu Master and teaches

meditation to Energy Therapists world-wide.


His work as a practitioner is now largely confined to treating serious diseases and more difficult cases using the latest techniques of EFT. He works with clients from across the world both by telephone and by personal visits.

Tam is actively involved in spreading word about EFT and regularly gives presentations across the world to a wide range of audiences ranging from lay-people to practitioners of conventional medicine. He is an active member of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (EFT International) www.EFT International.org and has been instrumental in setting up sister organisations to the EFT International in Ireland, Spain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Italy and South Africa. He is now actively pursuing the formation of similar bodies in other countries.

Tam says: “An important goal in my life is to make EFT widely available across the globe. I want to do what I can to make it accessible both as a therapy and a skill in such away to ensure EFT is available to all.”

Tam may be contacted by e-mail at Tam@TickhillClinic.com

and his website is at www.TickhillClinic.com


Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master

Gwyneth teaches EFT and runs EFT Events such as the EFT Gathering in Yorkshire at the Craiglands Hotel – the “Palace of Possibilities”.  Before finding her life purpose in EFT she was an oil exploration geophysicist living and working worldwide and then a project management consultant in London and New York.  In the EFT world she is known for her clear and understandable explanations of the neurophysiology of trauma, the EFT Imagineering Technique and Moodlines.  She appears on Gary Craig’s

DVD set Mastering EFT and seeks to help all to build skill and confidence in using the wonderful and simple gift that is EFT.

Gwyneth can be contacted at Hello@Emotional-Health.co.uk and her website is GwynethMoss.com

Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master

Mair has thoroughly enjoyed her full time

self employment in private practice as a

psychotherapist/hypnotherapist since 1980. She has always

searched for ways to help clients not to need her.  In 2000,

her passion for client self empowerment led her to  Energy

Psychology training with the developers of EFT, TAT & BSFF.

Since receiving her training Mair and her husband Tam have

been teaching EFT & BSFF in the UK and throughout the world.

In 2005 Mair was honoured to receive EFT Master

Practitioner status from Gary Craig the developer of EFT.


Mair can be contacted atMairLLLL@aol.com and her website is atwww.TickhillClinic.com

Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master

Jaqui’s passion is to help people make changes in theirlives in the most comfortable, fast and effective way thatshe can, using advanced therapy techniques. She specialisesin clearing Limiting Beliefs. Jaqui loves working withpeople who are committed to transforming their lives bothpersonally and professionally. She is the creator of

Reconnecting to the Core, a creative way of using EFT, NLP,

and Hypnotic techniques to work directly with the

subconscious, Transforming the Past, Creating the Future and

living in the Now. Her courses are practical and exciting

and encourage trainees to use their Intuition and


Jaqui is an EFT Master, a TAT teacher and a qualified


Jaqui can be contacted at


jaqui@beacontraining.co.uk and her website is at



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Inci Erkin, EFT Master

Dr. Erkin is one of the first female graduates of the Bornova

Anadolu High School. She was graduated from the Ege University

School of Medicine in 1977 and specialized in Clinical

Biochemistry. She had various trainings abroad in the field of

Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Erkin is an advanced level practitioner of Emotional Freedom

Techniques, EmoTrance, Nei-Gong (Chinese acupressure technique)

and a Reiki master and teacher. Dr. Erkin is the first Turkish

EFT master and she is accepted by EFT International (Association for

Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) as an international

trainer in the field of EFT and EmoTrance.

She is also a trainer in Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy courses

which are held in Ege University’s Argefar.  Through the

trainings she gives, she also provides scholarships for the

employees and volunteers of state organisations and NGOs such as

Positive Living Society, Duzce Earthquake Study Group ,

Darussafaka and charities working for cancer and MS patients and

community work.

She is also a volunteer worker for studies related to children

with Down Syndrome and Autism.

She owns a clinical laboratory and health centre in Izmir since


Dr. Erkin writes articles on health, phytotherapy, metaphysics

for various magazines and newspapers, appears on television

channels and seeks to be a good urban person alongside her

social activities. She is member of 14 societies and foundations

like KIT-VAK, BALEV (Bornova Anadolu High School Education

Foundation), BAL-GOC (Society for Culture and Solidarity for

Balkan Immigrants), Turkish Cancer Study Society, Society for

Health Institutions of Izmir, Society of Clinically Applied

Hypnosis, Society for Applied Energy Medicine and Emergency

Medical Society. She is married to Salim Erkin, MD and mother of

two children.

She is honoured by “Benal Nevzat’s Award of Turkish Women

Achievers” of the Board of Turkish Achievement Awards in 2003.

She received honorary award of “Emissary of Love and Peace” of

The Beloved Community from James Twyman in 2006.  Dr. Erkin

hosts the Mevlana EGG (ElectroGaiaGram) in the Global

Consciousness Project of the Princeton University and

currently follows up developments in CERN as a researcher and


She believes that EFT is the best tool  for healing  the soul

and the body..

Inci can be contacted at



iletisim@eftturkey.comand her website is at




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Guest Presenter: Robert G. Smith

Robert G. Smith is one of America’s leading experts on stress,

spirituality and healing. He is a popular radio guest and sought

after motivational speaker. He is a respected leader in the

field of personal growth, transformational healing and brings a

new approach to the healing community. He has trained under some

of America’s greatest transformational teachers, such as; Dr.

Richard Bandler, co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

(NLP), Gary Craig, developer of Emotional Freedom Technique

(EFT), Dr. Larry Nims, developer of Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Dr.

Hew Len with Ho’oponopono, and PSYCH-K. Robert continues to be

in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).


Since 1999, Robert has been practicing EFT, NLP & Hypnosis. He

has integrated those three protocols with BSFF, spirituality and

good, old-fashion logic, to develop his own creative style with

a new belief system and a different set of attitudes. His

innovative, dynamic system, which he now calls Faster EFT, will

produce thorough changes faster, easier and eliminate

psychological reversal.

Sincerity and passion are abundant as Robert delivers concise

explanations for why we have problems. He has a great ability to

simplify the complex, infuse good humor and teach in a way that

anyone can easily understand. For the past seven years, he has

spent thousands of hours training others how to practice his

dynamic style. Robert has perfected the art of change and is

becoming an expert in weight loss, PTSD, relationships,

depression, grief and loss, and sports performance. He has

reached thousands of people with his positive message about

personal growth, love and transformation. His YouTube videos

have been viewed nearly a million times in less than 19 months.

Robert declares that, “We can go to your worst memory and when

we are done you will never be able to make it bother you again,

even if you try.” He has developed the mater key to making

lasting changes. You can discover Robert’s dynamic process on

YouTube at


http://www.youtube.com/healingmagic, and feel good for no


Robert can be contacted at




and his website is at



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Guest Presenter:

Dr John Bullough


John Bullough PhD, MBACP, EFT International Trainer

Following a successful career as a senior

executive in the international oil industry, John re-qualified

at University as an Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist and

now practises at a doctor’s surgery and in his own private

practice in Essex (UK). He specialises in helping people to

recover from trauma (including childhood trauma and abuse), as

well as phobias, stress, panic, relationship breakdown and many

other issues typically presented in a doctor’s surgery. Tapping

therapy is his preferred approach, into which he integrates

cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment

therapy (ACT), hypnotherapy and various other modalities.


John has contributed actively to the running of

the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy

Techniques (EFT International) including acting as the leader of the

Training Panel Leaders; a group responsible for the development

of professional standards and training within EFT International.

In 2008/2009, he collaborated with a colleague,

Pamela Bruner, in the compilation and editing of a book of

advanced EFT-related techniques, with articles from key

practitioners of tapping therapy from around the world,

including 22 EFT Masters/EFTCert-Honors. His presentation at the

2009 Masterclass will be a distillation of some of the key

messages from this book.

John can be contacted at




and his website is at




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Guest Presenter:

Ranjana Appoo

Ranjana is a gifted EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu

Practitioner, Artist and Health Researcher. She has devoted her

life to experiencing and sharing peace, delight, beauty and

harmony. She has travelled extensively and lectured in Fine Arts

in Malaysia and Birmingham. Ranjana also succeeded in overcoming

chronic health challenges and so dedicated herself since 1995 to

the study of nutrition, health research and complementary

therapies. She compiles a quarterly free to share

valuable health information. She regularly works with clients in

the areas of stress, body image, limiting beliefs, anxieties,

learning disabilities, pain management, addictions, trauma,

chronic health projects, infertility, relationship issues, and

with parents and children.

There is a very special

place in her practice that is dedicated to the journey of Self

Realisation, to the path of Freedom, Truth and Joy. She

facilitates Self-Awareness classes and “Return to Joy”


Ranjana works with

clients from all over the world one-on-one and in groups. She

also trains practitioners in the Art of EFT (EFT International level 1, 2

and 3). She continues to travel, write and paint.

Ranjana can be contacted



emotionalhealthcentre@googlemail.com and her website is at



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Presenter: Pika


Pika was born in 1963 in

Kranj, Slovenija. She has a background in Mathematics and IT.

Through the years she has been heavily involved in several areas

in the field of natural health care  including creating the

first bio private shop in Slovenija, that is now very successful

and famous – both for the quality and variety of food it sells

and the knowledge of the staff that works there. The shop is now

also a company that supplies all the big chains with organic

products, mostly food, if possible of Slovenian origin. She has

also studied aromotherapy.

Since her introduction to

EFT over five years ago, she experienced a tremendous change in

herself. This led her to deciding to learn more about it. She

has studied both in the States and the UK. She is now an EFT International

recognised EFT trainer who works in Slovenia. Amongst the many

things that she has done in the field of EFT is translate the

EFT Manual (by Gary Craig) into Slovenian.

Pika has been involved with the weekly “Move’N’Tap”

experiment, since November 2008. She works with her colleague

Samo Koprivec. This involves using movement with EFT. They

have received tremendous feedback from the sessions.

Pika can be contacted at


and her website is at



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Presenter: Marie

E Holliday

Marie has lived

and worked in Spain for over 18 years and is a Practitioner &

Trainer of EFT as her sole therapy. She finds that because it is

her sole therapy it has taken her into being creative and

working intuitively with clients  .

With a background

in sales management and training she was introduced to EFT by

default following a double brain haemorrhage which left her with

severe side effects leaving her unable to work. Introduced to

EFT and using it basically for three days, much to her amazement

she eliminated the side effects that drugs and the medical world

simply couldn’t help with.

She has never

looked back and believes that it is the best thing that ever

happened to her. Specialising with serious illness , she finds

this constant technique still jaw dropping stuff.

Approximately 6

years on she has appeared on TV, radio, UK magazine, newspapers

and  more recently awarded Company Business Woman Award 2007-

2008 in Spain, category ‘Against All Odds’ which Marie firmly

believes sums her life up so far.

She organises the

Practitioner listings and helps promote them as much as she can

with EFT International Spain, more recently organising a ‘Tapping Team’ who

attend exhibitions, talks etc .offering demonstrations.

Committed to

quality, professional training as a Trainer of Trainers with

EFT International, training  in both English & Spanish and as a member of

the Training Panel Leaders she constantly aspires to bring a

worldwide connection.

Marie has

developed several  techniques , one of them beingThe

Energy Exchange Photo Techniques which she regularly uses

with clients and would love to discuss these at Masterclass with

anyone interested, as to their many applications.

Marie can be contacted at


and her website is at


www.eftspain.com and



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Guest Presenter: Linda Wood

Linda Wood

is very well known as Magic Buttons Bear’s Mommy.  She has

been teaching EFT with Bears for children and adults for

years.  She is also well know for her All-Day intensives,

where she works with a client for 3 hours in the morning –

breaks for lunch – and works another 3 hours.  In this way,

she has been able to delve deep into issues, allowing her to

clear amazingly stubborn and inaccessible blocks and

traumas. These sessions have given her the opportunity to

tune these techniques so they are the most effective. Linda

was one of 4 people in the last stage of the EFT Master

Program when it was closed.


can be contacted at







and her website is at





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Guest Presenter: Karin Davidson

Karin Davidson has videotaped 28 of the 29 Masters, edited

their DVDs, and worked with the presenters and producers

(including Ann Adams, Director of the former EFT Masters

Program) to ensure the training DVDs are their best.  Karin

is the founder of EFT International America and is setting up the

certification for Advanced Meridian Tapping Techniques in

America along with a board of prominent, well-known EFTers

including Dr. Pat Carrington


can be contacted at






and her website is at




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Presenter: Sasha Allenby

Sasha Allenby is an author,

an EFT EFT International Trainer and a Matrix Reimprinting Trainer. Her

passion for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has arisen from her own

personal experiences, having resolved two major “irresolvable”

health conditions (CFS/ME and Bipolar Disorder), using these


Sasha had her first book

published in 2008, and Joyful Recovery from Chronic Fatigue

Syndrome/ME – Accelerated Healing with Emotional Freedom

Techniques/EFT, has been selling well worldwide. She is

currently co-authoring the forthcoming book on Matrix

Reimprinting (an Advanced EFT technique), with its creator, EFT

Master Karl Dawson.

Sasha can be

contacted at


sasha@bodymindhealing.co.uk and her website is at



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Guest Presenter: Grant Connolly: Developer

of the Z Point Process

In 2003 Canadian Hypnotherapist Grant Connolly had a simple

idea for releasing emotional upset that has grown into a

worldwide phenomenon. Now used by thousands in more than 30

countries around the world, The ZPoint Process has proven

itself to be a simple yet incredibly effective way to let go

of those things that block our personal happiness. And, it

makes you feel absolutely wonderful when you use it.


can be contacted at







and his website is at






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Pre- Conference

Guest Presenter:

June Spencer


June is an EFT International Practitioner and Trainer who runs a

successful practice in the North East of England. She is

also a Reiki Master/Teacher.



Her career background is varied, she started in commerce and

then took time out to raise a family. She then worked in

education with children with special needs and for four and

half years taught children Art and crafts. She has also

worked within a Hospice environment using complementary

therapies. She is on the EFT International Training panel and is heavily

involved in working towards helping EFT become



by all other ‘professional’ healing bodies (whether they are

in allopathic medicine or complementary/alternative


She is currently employed by a local NHS

Health Centre and is piloting a clinical study using EFT

with groups for anger management, working with teenagers and

raising self esteem in women.  June has been successfully

using EFT in the Health Centre for 20 months now with

patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, eating

disorders, self-harming and low self esteem.  Her latest

remit is to take training in EFT and other therapies out to

Staff within Primary Care.



“EFT has allowed me to open so many doors that were closed

to me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

EFT has brought ‘wholeness’ to my life and allowed me to

pursue my life’s purpose which is to empower others to reach

their own potential as I have been able too”.



June can be contacted at






and her website is at










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Optional Breakout Session: Scheduled during the

lunch break


EFT International (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy

Therapies) and the Future

– and what this means for you


(this talk is primarily for those who are therapists or are

interested in becoming therapists)

Guest Speakers for the

EFT International: Helena Fone (Vice Chair)

Helena developed such a

passion for EFT that after training as a Practitioner and

Level 3 Trainer, she set up the very popular EFT meeting

group (CEFTA), created the EFT Register and  wrote a book on

“Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies” which is sold

worldwide and has received 5 star ratings in both the UK and

America. Since the book was launched in November 2008 she

has been in demand for talks and presentations, has appeared

many times on radio and written articles for red top

newspapers and magazines.

Helena has used EFT to

help overcome her own past traumas and draws on these

experiences to help relate and empathise with her clients.

By incorporating Hypnotherapy, Reiki, CBT, NLP and

counselling skills she quickly resolves most issues and

teaches her clients how to empower themselves.  Her

Managerial roles whilst working for the Government included

Communications, HR, Presenting, Training, Investigation and

Research Analysis, all of which have been useful in building

up her business. She has also been a local Magistrate for 14

years and Voluntary EFT Therapist at a local cancer centre.


She will be dividing her

time between practicing and training EFT in Gozo (where

there are currently no EFT Practitioners) and continuing to

deliver training in the UK.

Helena’s drive and

enthusiasm for turning the EFT International into a self funded and

legally regulated body has lead to her being appointed as

Vice Chair of the EFT International.  Changes within the EFT International are

inevitable but also exciting and challenging. Helena will be

speaking on the future of the EFT International at the EFT Masterclass


Helena can be contacted



therapy4me@hotmail.co.uk and her website is at





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Please Note: In the unexpected circumstance that a

presenter is unable to attend the Masterclass, Life Beyond

Limits Ltd reserves the right to change the programme.

Please note:

Life Beyond Limits Ltd and the presenters of the EFT

Masterclass Conference 2009 are not sponsored by and

have no connection with Gary Craig the founder of

Emotional Freedom Techniques, other than enduring

gratitude and deep appreciation for his work in bringing

this gift to the world.