These are a selection of the photographs taken at the EFT Masterclass Conference 2009. The event was hosted by EFT Master Tania A Prince and had presenter from over the world attend.

EFT Master, Tania A.Prince with other EFT Masters during the EFT Masterclass Conference 2009

Presenters from the EFT Masterclass Conference 2009. These include, EFT Masters, Tania A Prince, Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Jaqui Crooks, Gwyneth Moss, Ann Ross, Judy Byrne, Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, Mair Llewellyn, Dr Inci Erkin. Guest presenters include, Tapas Fleming, Grant Connolly, Karin Davidson.

EFT Master, Mair Llewellen tapping on stage with a volunteer

EFT Master, Mair Llewellyn tapping with a volunteer on stage at the EFT Masterclass conference 2009