EFT: Miraculous Recovery From A Mugging

 Mugged and on Left with Numbness in the Leg for Ten Years: EFT was “Nothing Short of a Miracle”

Part 1

Imagine what it would be like if suddenly  through a violent act you were left with physical impairment. And imagine if you were told that nothing could be done about your problems. That the numbness in your leg was there to stay and all the other knock on effects from this basically were there forever.

Well this is the story of someone who had exactly that happen to him. For ten years after being mugged and flung down a flight of steps he had struggled to deal with the consequences of that tragic moment. After the diagnosis he had basically “given up on his body” . Seeing him recently at my EFT Level 3 supervision I was amazed at how he looked. For anyone who did not know his story you would not have known that just over a year ago this man was struggling to walk with sticks. May 2008, he stood in front of me, no sticks and perfectly straight and with a totally different energy surrounding him.

Asking his permission, I thought it would be great to update people on his progress since I previously published information on his case in one of my original s. The photos below were taken in 2007 after the level 2 training when I worked with him for 20 minutes during a demonstration of the “Chase the Pain” technique and refer to the improvements that had occurred by April 2007. I will be updating with the more recent progress shortly.

“The Story of the Left Leg” 

“In Oct. 1997 I was mugged, and as part of the health problems that I suffered was a large loss of feeling in and on the left leg, between the left knee and the hip. (see fig 1). I have had this problem since I was mugged, nearly 10 years ago”.


“I was told just 3 weeks ago at the hospital, ‘That there was no treatment offered for this problem.”


“All this after just 20 minuets of EFT. What a big difference from 10 years of suffering. We are to do more work on this part of my left leg, I look forward and wonder just what is ahead for me and my leg?”

Left Leg, 2 Weeks After EFT.(11-03-07)

“It is now 2 weeks after I attended the EFT course. I have continued the EFT regards my leg and as you can see in Fig.3, I am still getting improvements in the feelings in my left leg”


As well as the improvements in his leg, his general confidence also improved dramatically. Also he had previously had on occasion had to use very cumbersome walking supports that had been attached to his arms due to the severity of the problem.

Important: Please note that only “Chase the Pain” was used in this demonstration, in a normal therapy session other approaches would also have been available to use. There are many different ways that EFT can be used and this is only one of them.

During the demonstration, we terminated the session at the point he felt the sensations he was feeling in his left thigh were the same as in his right thigh.  Although at the end of the demonstration he reported that he felt the leg felt the same feeling/ sensation wise as his other unaffected leg overnight he felt a change in feeling in the leg which he described as being like the “bruising coming out” and next day he noticed that he was aware of feeling some remaining numbness, but that it was dramatically reduced from what it had been the day before the session. During day 2 of the training he did not need to use his walking sticks.

Just thought I would add this: the pictures above were sent to me via email. One morning I woke up all sleepy eyed with my lovely slipper booties on (as you do) opened up my email, half awake and came face to face with the above pictures. After getting over my shock of thinking, “what on Earth is this?” I was really happy to see in documented form the progress he had made.

I received another email today after the level 3 supervision session that highlighted another pivotal moment on his journey back to health. I am not going to write about it here, simply because he is going to write a full update  and I would love it to be in his own words, however I will be posting more on this soon.

All the best,


Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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