EFT, NLP, Anxiety and Understanding How the Mind Works

I am always fascinated by how our minds work. NLP is a great area to study if you want to know more about this area.

We take on board information about our world through our senses. We see, we hear, smell, taste and feel things. When we think about those things, we see pictures in our mind, hear the sounds, smells, tastes and experience how things feel.

How Can the Mind Create Anxiety

Having worked with many people I often check out how they think about the events that bother them, that have occured in their life. (This can be used as a diagnostic tool). Often (not always) they will tell you that these events are bright, clear and vivid. They will often say that, even if the event is thirty or even forty years old.

Well, generally for most people if an event is of no significance, it is not bright, vivid and clear if it is an old memory. In fact if you tap on the clear bright events using EFT, they change in how they look. People will often say, “it doesn’t seem as clear”, or “it seems distant” , the memory fades.

A client I worked with had bright images of all the events in her life. Since she had had quite a stressful life that was quite significant. The issue she came with was anxiety, which is a fear of what might happen in the future. If you think about it if your mind keep bright clear images of all the nasty uncomfortable events in your life, my guess is you would feel very anxious wondering when the next disaster is going to occur. Another guess is that the mind did this to try and protect her. The logic being that if she remembered these events she would be cautious in her future and thus safer. Unfortunately, holding onto the memories as if they are still occurring (big bright images) didn’t protect the client, it just led to her feeling extremely anxious.

Tapping on the need to hold on to the events etc led to the memories fading very quickly.

Having a knowledge and understanding of NLP can give a big boost to EFT. I generally teach some NLP on my EFT Courses as I think it makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of EFT.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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