One day intensive training consolidating the knowledge taught on an EFT Training course. This is the essential next step if you have attended an EFT Level 2 or 3 training and want to be a professional therapist.


YHA Manchester, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, Greater Manchester M34NB United Kingdom




Times: 9.30 – 10 am arrival – start at 10 am and finish at 5 pm

Who Can Attend?

To attend this event you need to already attended and EFT Training course to level 2 standard.

Why is the Consolidation Day Essential?

Do you want to become a therapist? Do you have experience working in the therapy field? Because if you haven’t there are several pieces of knowledge and things you need to know and practice before you can easily make the transition into being a therapist. This training is the essential key component. it provides students with lots of opportunity to practice their skills and also develop into a therapist.

EFT Training courses focus on teaching the skills of EFT. In order to master those skills you need to practice them. This event is the ideal opportunity to embed the skills you were taught on your skills training course. What is often barely touched upon in EFT skills training (EFT Level 1, 2 and 3) is how to conduct a therapy session. This event is geared toward giving attendees the chance to learn those skills.

The Consolidation Day is an intensive training day geared toward taking you to the next level. This training is about embedding the knowledge you have gained and turning you into a therapist. It provides the essential practice that makes the difference between having a theoretical knowing and truly knowing how to do EFT. Truly knowing EFT is about real practice, with real issues. It is about knowing the strategies of conducting an EFT session and being able to apply those strategies even if your client is not a text book case:-). Already in practice? This event is ideal if you want to fine tune particular skills. It is also a great networking event.

Immersing yourself in EFT is the fastest way to truly master it. This is a day of immersion. One with a lifeguard nearby to guide you through any difficult moments and support you to the next level.

What You Will Learn on this Training

1. How to introduce EFT to different client groups

2. How to question a client effectively so that you can quickly understand their issues and develop rapport

3. How to set the goals for therapy

4. How to set boundaries and form a contract with the client

5. The key information you need to gain from your client before starting therapy

6. This event provides students with ample opportunity to practice therapy with “clients” in a supervised environment

EFT International CPD

The EFT International requires that in order to retain a professional status and be listed at their website you need to continue with professional development post training. This course counts toward EFT International CPD (Continuing Professional Development). CPD


EFT Consolidation Day 2015: 6 hours of Intensive practice using EFT.


The course facilitator is EFT Founding Master and EFT International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers, Tania A Prince


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The event is for people familiar with EFT. It provides an environment to practice and refine tapping skills while working with colleagues. This is to consolidate the knowledge gained from attending EFT Trainings. For those not yet in practice, it takes them closer to having the experience and skills to set up. For those already in practice it provides a fun environment to explore and expand out their existing skills. It is also a networking event, allowing people to connect with like minded people in a friendly fun environment.

Requirements for attendance

To attend people need to have attended a level 1 EFT or above. It is suitable for those who already work with clients and those who want to set up as professional therapists and also for those who just like doing EFT for improving the quality of their own lives or that of their family. This event is open to students who have trained with other EFT Trainers.

Certificates of attendance will be issued on the day.

Future Events

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