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EFT Training Courses by EFT Founding Master, Tania A Prince


Why Train with Tania A Prince?

Tania is an internationally recognized expert in EFT. She is one of only 29 EFT Founding Masters (the original experts from Gary Craig, the developer of EFT program). Tania has worked in the field of psychotherapy for over twenty six years, eighteen of which she has spent training people in EFT. Tania A Prince Associates is one of the longest established EFT training organizations worldwide. She also brings a vast wealth of knowledge to the training having worked with thousands of clients. Tania is also an NLP and hypnotherapy trainer as well as being a trained counselor. These training courses are renowned for their depth that goes well beyond the syllabus.
She is a regular speaker at EFT Conferences and trains students internationally as well as from Manchester. As well as training practitioners in EFT, she trains the trainers.

These courses are accredited by one of the oldest organizations in the world involved in setting standards in EFT, AAMET International. AAMET International has been advancing EFT Worldwide since 1999.

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AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner


Overview of Who Should Attend

This training course is for you if you are interested in learning a powerful self-help technique for personal use and also with your family and friends. It provides you the same training given to therapists.

It is also for you if you would like to become an Accredited EFT Practitioner recognized by one of the largest and longest established EFT organizations in the world.

This course is for you if you want to enter the field of therapy and learn a powerful technique that is results orientated. You do not need prior knowledge of EFT to train to be a therapist. It is also for you if you are already trained in another therapy and would like to add EFT to your therapist’s tool kit.

Previous attendees on the training have been from the fields of Osteopathy; Hypnotherapy; Medicine; Doctors; Nurses; Counselors; NLP’ers; coaches; Reiki Practitioners; Engineers; Accountants, Shop Assistants; CBT Therapists; Mindfulness Teachers; Yoga Teachers; Nutritionists; Physiotherapists; Physical Trainers; Teachers; Educators; Stay at home mums, dads etc.

Overview of the Course

You do not need prior experience of EFT to attend the course as we cover all the core techniques used in EFT. You will see plenty of live demonstrations undertaken with volunteers from the training group. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will then have plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques with fellow trainees in a safe environment.

The course consists of the three-day face to face training and also the pre and post-training online elements that add three hours extra support.

This course is run to the standards and syllabus of AAMET International. AAMET International is one of the longest established and largest EFT organisations in the world. The course covers the content of EFT levels one and two. Training to a level two standard is a requirement for gaining EFT Practitioner status.

Many students like to re-attend the training; this further consolidates their knowledge. Students who re-attend do so at a highly discounted price.


EFT Level 1 (Day One: Friday)

  • Rapport Skills

Rapport is the key to connection. It is very important to be able to establish rapport in a therapy situation. So how can we establish rapport quickly with people? And how can we reestablish it if we lose it? In this Module, you will be taught able rapport, its importance and how to establish it.

  • Setting Up Feedback Systems

All effective therapists work using feedback from the client and “the problem”. What types of feedback can we use? How to create feedback systems to monitor progress throughout the EFT session and course of treatment.

  • Calibration Skills

Picking up subtle communications from the client can increase your effectiveness getting results. In this section of the course, we identify the key things you should be paying attention to. You will also be given an exercise to consolidate this knowledge.

  • How does EFT work

EFT is an energy therapy. How does it work? Many people do not understand how EFT works and therefore put elements in that are not required. In this Module, you will be taught the simple way that you need to think to understand EFT. When you know this using this technique becomes far easier.

  • How to tune into the problem

The key to EFT is tuning into “the problem” and then tapping. There is an art and skill to this process. In this module, we identify how we can laser focus the tuning in process.

  • Direct Language Approaches

There are various ways we can use language to tune into “the problem”. This module teaches direct language. It also covers when not to use direct language.

  • Movie Technique

Movie technique is a gentle dissociative technique we use in EFT for diminishing the emotional discomfort related to trauma. It is a powerful, easy approach that can get excellent results often very quickly. In this Module, you will see a demonstration of Movie Technique. You will then have the opportunity to practice it.

  • Dealing with cravings

Cravings can be part of many issues such as food addictions, chocolate addictions, etc. In this component of the course how to use EFT on immediate craving will be demonstrated.

  • Introduction to dealing with pain and physical problems

Although people often think that EFT is predominantly used with emotional issues it is also used on pain and physical problems. Throughout the day we will cover how to tune into these type of problems and how to apply EFT, tapping.

  • Dealing with intense emotional reactions

It is very common when dealing with emotions or events in our lives that were distressing that emotions could come to the surface. What can we do if while we are working using EFT powerful emotions come up? This module covers the simple ways we can apply EFT in this situation.

  • What to do if EFT isn’t working

There are various ways we can modify how we apply EFT if it appears that it isn’t working. This module of the course covers those strategies.

  • Specific Problems

During the course, specific issues will be discussed, for example, weight issues, fears, phobias. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the specific issues that you are interested in.

  • Personal Peace Procedure

How can we begin to clear out our issues? The personal peace procedure is a simple strategy for identifying what we need to tap on using EFT to deal with our own emotional or physical problem.

EFT Level 2 (Day Two and Three - Saturday/Sunday)

  • Tearless Trauma Technique

This is a gentle technique that can be used to deal with traumatic events. In this module, you will be taught about dissociation. You will also be taught why dissociation is important when it comes to working safely on issues and also how to do this technique.

  • Dealing with Physical Problems

You will be taught how to deal with physical problems in depth, targeting them through the symptoms and also identifying underlying emotions that may be part of the problem.

  • Chase the Pain

Chase the Pain is an EFT approach that targets pain and physical problems through how they show up in the body. It is simple to use and can be highly effective at getting results. In this module, you will be taught how to set up a feedback mechanism to monitor progress whiles using this approach. You will also see a demonstration and then have the opportunity to practice with a colleague.

  • Chase the Pain: With Emotional Issues

You will also be shown how to use Chase the Pain approach to deal with emotional issues in a gentle way minimising the potential for clients to feel discomfort when dealing with emotive issues.

  • Sneaking Up on the Problem

Sneaking Up on the Problem: this is an approach that is used to gently take the emotion out of problems without directly diving into them. You will be shown how to use this approach.

  • Finding the Core Issues

Finding the real problem makes a huge difference to the results you achieve using EFT. It is the difference between surface tapping and deep transformational change. You will be taught questioning techniques to get to the core of the problem, thus minimising the volume of tapping required and maximising the results.

  • Working via the Internet and Phone

EFT can be easily done over the internet or phone. In this module, you will be taught how to do that, from the business side to the skills.

  • Working with Groups

Working with groups can be a great way to do EFT. In this module, you will be taught how to work with groups using EFT. There is an art and skill to this which will be covered in the course.

  • Borrowing Benefits

When we tap along with other people during an EFT session, it has been found that it can be very therapeutic. In this Module, you will be taught how to utilise this phenomenon either for your own use or to work with clients.

  • Dealing with Blocks/ Conflicts

Not everyone has blocks when it comes to letting go of their emotional baggage. Some people however do, identifying and clearing them is essential to getting results. In this Module, you will be taught the questions you need to ask to identify blocks and conflicts and how then to use this information to deal with them.

Venue, Investment and Training Dates


YHA Manchester Meeting Rooms, YHA Manchester, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M34NB (Get Directions)



Training Dates:

Gaining AAMET Accredited Practitioner Status

To gain full AAMET Accredited Practitioner status, you need to fulfill the following requirements within one year of the last day of the face to face training.


Attend Six Hours of Supervision

Attend supervision: supervision is a common practice for people who work in the helping professions. Supervision provides you with access to support that can help your growth as a practitioner within the profession. It provides support for difficult cases, cases that may affect you and keeps you updated of changes within the profession. AAMET International requires that you attend six hours supervision before becoming a practitioner. I run face to face one-day supervision’s that fulfill this requirement. If you sign onto the face to face training, you will be given the option to prepay for supervision at a discounted price. You can choose the date you would like to attend later.

Do Fifty EFT Practice Sessions

Attending EFT training gives you the knowledge and techniques. Practice gives you the experience and confidence. AAMET International requires that you do fifty sessions with twenty different people. Sessions should be forty-five minutes minimum duration. Sessions can be done on the phone or internet. You can exchange sessions with fellow trainees from the course or other courses I have run. You can also work with family and friends.

Post live training you can insure yourself as a student EFT practitioner allowing you to work legally in a professional environment.

Submit four Case Studies at Level Two Standard

Writing a case study can consolidate your knowledge. Post live training you need to submit four case histories at a level two standard. You will be provided with a template to guide you through the process of writing a case study. I use an independent trainer to access the case studies. Her job is to help you pass this successfully. If case studies as not of the required standard she will give feedback to provide you with the necessary information to submit another case that demonstrates the missing elements from the earlier case study. There is a change for submitting case studies. It currently is ten pound per case.

Assessment: Multiple-choice Questionnaire

AAMET International requires that students have a certain level of knowledge before gaining their practitioner certificate. They have a multiple – choice questionnaire at their site providing an external evaluation of candidate’s knowledge. It is an open book test that is not time limited. Candidates are allowed three attempts at this test. I do provide support if students find this challenging. This helps you have the knowledge that you need to take this powerful technique out into the world. There is a charge for doing their test, it is currently fifteen pounds. Please note also you need to join AAMET as a student member to gain access to it, that currently is £25.

AAMET Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner (2-day training) - EFT Level 3


Overview of Who Should Attend

To attend this training, you need to have already attended EFT levels 1 and 2.

Overview of the Course

This training builds upon the knowledge gained in those training courses. Level 3 is geared toward helping students gain mastery in their ability to get results with EFT. It goes beyond the mechanical approaches taught at levels 1 and 2 into the intuitive and mastery of advanced skills.

This course conforms to the criteria set by AAMET International one of the leading bodies in the world promoting the growth of EFT. After attendance at the live training course, attendees will be issued with an attendance certificate.



  • Introduction to Deep State RePatterning

(Tania A Prince developed this approach, which featured in the book, EFT and Beyond). This is an approach which can be used with birth and pre-birth, ancestral and part life traumas. It can also be used as an imagery technique for healing. It is a dissociative technique that can be gentle and powerful.

  • Using Language Effectively

How you use language with EFT can have a big impact on the results you achieve. This training will cover how to use hypnotic language to enhance results.

  • Surrogate Tapping

EFT is commonly practiced by the client tapping on the acupoints on their body. Surrogate tapping involves tapping on one person to help another, similar to distance healing. In this training, you will be taught how to do the surrogate tapping.

  • Reframing

Reframing is a technique that involves using language to help clients gain new more empowering perspectives. When reframing is combined with EFT, it can become an even more powerful technique. EFT Reframing is a powerful approach for dealing with difficult cases and speeding up results.

  • EFT and Inner Child work.

This is a powerful technique that allows you to easily identify underlying issues.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™(MBIR™)

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a tapping technique based on the concept of mindfulness. It was created by Tania A Prince. This approach works on the idea of supporting the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. It does not require that you analyze or understand “the problem”. Neither does it require that you talk about it to begin to work and support the body with “the problem”. It has been used with complex trauma, bereavement, fibromyalgia, pain, stress, etc.

Venue, Investment and Training Dates

Hallmark Hotel Manchester Airport, Stanley Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3LD (Get Directions)



Training Dates:


Onsite parking is available free of charge. Please remember to log your license plate number into the machine at reception.


This hotel is within five miles of Manchester Airport. The nearest train station is Handforth, which is about ten to fifteen minutes walk from the hotel. Wilmslow train station is about five miles away. The hotel is just off the main A34 dual carriageway making it easily accessible by road.

Gaining AAMET Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner Status

To gain the AAMET Accredited EFT Advanced Practitioner status students need to complete the post-training assessment set by the AAMET International. These requirements currently are to:


Submit four Case Studies at Level Three Standard

Complete 4 case histories at a level 3 standard. You need to use techniques taught at this level and show understanding and the ability to apply these techniques correctly and safely. You will be supplied with templates and instructions on how to do and submit case histories.

Pass the Multiple Choice Online Questionnaire

Complete the Multiple Choice Online Questionnaire at the AAMET International website. There is a charge for taking this payable to AAMET International at their website. Candidates have three attempts to pass the open book test. There is no time limit on finishing the test when you start it.


Although not part of the assessment supervision/ mentoring is regarded as essential to demonstrating a commitment to running a professional practice. Candidates must have had six hours supervision within the year before applying for this upgrade from Practitioner to Advanced Practitioner status.

Upgrading from the Old Certificated qualifications

If you have previously trained to level 2 or 3 levels before 2014 and would like to attend this training to gain the new AAMET Accredited certificate, please call me on 07792 500881 to develop a bespoke pathway dependent on your previous EFT qualifications and experience.

Support is available if needed to complete these levels.

AAMET EFT Supervision


Overview of Who Should Attend

Attendance at supervision is a requirement for gaining and retaining accreditation by the AAMET. This course is open to people who have attended EFT 1, 2, 3 as well as trainers.

This supervision is for those new to the profession having just attended the EFT Level 2 and also for those who have varying degrees of knowledge and experience.

Overview of the Course

Supervision is about developing the mindset of a therapist. It is also about gaining the support of peers so that you can take your practice to the next level. It is about pooling your knowledge so that everyone in the group can benefit from your experience.

On these days attendees are given the opportunity to discuss difficult cases and to contribute and receive suggestions as to alternative ways of working with their client or issue. During these sessions, students are kept informed of changes within the profession that might have an impact on their practice. It is also the place to discuss new approaches and practice any techniques you feel a need to practice. These are ideal opportunities to network and get support from colleagues.



  • Difficult Cases

In this part of the supervision day, we cover difficult cases. Attendees are invited to discuss the cases that they are or have found challenging. We then brain storm ideas for working with this client. Group input is encouraged.

  • Interesting Cases

Attendees are encouraged to share their success and also to discuss cases they found to be eye-opening.

  • Support

From time to time as therapists, we can be challenged by the cases we work with; this can personally impact us. Attendees are encouraged to share those challenges to get support from colleagues.

  • Developments within EFT

Attendees are invited to share information about new techniques, research or legal changes relevant to their practice of EFT.

  • Practice

Supervision can also involve practicing specific techniques including from time to time demonstrations.

Venues, Investment and Training Dates


  • YHA Manchester Meeting Rooms, YHA Manchester, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M34NB (Get Directions)
  • Hallmark Hotel Manchester Airport Stanley Road Handforth Cheshire, SK9 3LD (Get Directions)



Training Dates:

Times: 10 am – 5 pm

Past Training Courses

Please Note: These videos describe the experiences of people who have attended the EFT Training courses. People are different in how they respond to EFT. There is no guarantee that you will have a similar experience.

How I overcome back pain after...

20 year lower back pain...

Groups and Trainings

What My Students Are Saying...


YHA Manchester Meeting Rooms

YHA Manchester

Potato Wharf




Please Note: Teas/ Coffees are provided on the training. Lunch is not provided but can be purchased at the venue.

Hallmark Hotel Manchester Airport

Stanley Road




Please Note: Teas/ Coffees are provided on the training. Lunch is not provided but can be purchased at the venue.

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EFT Training FAQs

Do I need prior experience or knowledge of EFT in order to attend these training courses?

You do not need prior knowledge to attend the EFT Level 1 and 2 (Three day training). All the training you need will be given at the training. To attend, EFT Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner) you need to have completed your EFT practitioner training. To attend EFT Supervision, you need to have attended the EFT Level 2 and or 3 training courses.

What qualification do the EFT Level 1 and 2 (Three day training) courses lead to?

This training leads to the qualification of AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner recognized by one of the largest and longest established EFT organizations in the world, AAMET International.

I have already gained my AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner qualification. I trained with another trainer. Can I attend your EFT Level 3 training?

Yes you can.