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EFT Unleashed in the iTunes Store

EFT Unleashed; EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful technique for helping improve physical and emotional health, from anxiety to serious illnesses to abundance issues, the limits of this powerful yet simple technique are only just being explored. These podcasts explore the very latest innovations in EFT. These Podcasts cover EFT and Inner RePatterning as well as other powerful transformational techniques.


Tania A Prince, EFT Master explores different approaches in how to use EFT with other experts in the field. Pushing the boundaries, EFT Unleashed also explores techniques closely related to EFT.


Feel free to contact Tania if you have any questions regarding EFT


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Shows Currently in the iTunes Store include:

Ancestor Doom with EFT Master, Jaqui CrooksJaqui Crooks

Do our ancestors and the lives they lived impact our lives? How can we use EFT to break free from their influence?



Ann RossFear of Making Mistakes with EFT Master Ann Ross





Horses Eemma2nergy Connection with EFT and Inner RePatterning Trainer, Emma Bailey




June SpencerAutism and Inner RePatterning with June K Spencer the co-developer of Inner RePatterning

What is autism? How does it affect people? How can Inner RePatterning help with autism?