Tip for Dealing with a Physical Problem

Sometimes when we tap on a physical problem using EFT very little happens. Just tapping on, “even though I have this pain in my left toe”, does not always get the desired result.

When what you are doing is not working it is useful to take another track. One such way is to see the pain as a communication and treat it as such.

(Note if you are angry or resentful about the pain etc, you might tap on this and clear it before you “talk” to the part)

For Example

  • “So even though I feel really angry that I have this pain I completely and totally accept how I feel and I accept me”

Process of Communication with the Part

  • Tap on the karate point and then go inside your own mind and ask to talk to the part of you responsible for the pain.
  • Assure that part of you that it has got your attention, and that you are listening now to the communication.
  • Once you have established communication ask the part of you what it needs to communicate with you to allow the pain (symptom) to heal.


Sometimes merely communicating this and tapping around the issue the part brings up, will allow the symptom to recede or go.

A recent example of this was at one of my level 3 trainings, where a student had a painful knee and was limping. She had had extensive tests, and the doctors had not found anything wrong physically. The student couldn’t identify anything in her life which she thought might be responsible for the problem, in fact she put it down to playing golf.

When the above approach was used, she went inside to communicate to the part and was surprised by what she got back as the communication.

The message was very clear, “I am fed up of supporting you” (which actually brought a huge smile to her face). The bigger picture of what was happening in her life became evident. No matter what happened in her life she didn’t ask for help. She had no support. She had a lot of emotions around this issue.

When some of these issues were tapped on, the pain went and her walking improved dramatically. Previously the pain had only improved like that after a cortisone injection. The pain remained gone until hours later when some of her emotional issues were re-triggered. In the tapping session it had only been possible to take out a few layers of the problem, thus the return of the pain.

My guess on this would be that she would need to shift whatever stops her asking for help. She is continuing to work on this communicating with the part and tapping through the issues it is bringing up.The important point to note before this method of working was utilised she couldn’t identify what had to be tapped on. Now she has a way of communicating with her own body and of identifying the issues that she needs to work on to clear her pain.

Copyright Tania A Prince 20/10/08