1. Never assume that just because you have tapped on an event that it is clear and no longer affecting you- check

How can you check; the easiest way is to go through the sensory systems. When you look at the event in your mind do you still see yourself looking through your own eyes as if it is happening? Is it still a nice big, bright event, near in your field of view?  Are the sounds really clear in your mind? Can you still smell it? Chances are that it is NOT CLEAR.

Now it might just be that you haven’t been thorough enough in your tapping or it could be that there is a block to letting it go. In that case, you might try tapping on:

“Even though part of me doesn’t want to let this go for whatever reason, I love and approve of myself”

Another common reason the mind/ body won’t let it go is safety, and in that case you might tap on the following.

“Even though it is not safe to let this go, I completely and totally love and approve of myself”

Anger can be another common reason we don’t let go of events.

Also you might ask yourself, if there was a reason for me not letting this go, what might it be? Or, what might I lose by letting this go?

Another question to ask is, “does something else have to cleared to let this go?” Tapping and clearing this event might just clear this event without you having to re-tap on it.

2. Repressed Memories

These can be the biggies. You often do not know they are there. You might just have a hint of something. But as they begin to emerge, the details/image can become more clear. There can be big emotions with these type of memories. Once the memory is clear you then need to tap until they fade again. Only then is the power (and its influence over you) taken out of the event. It is best to work someone if you work on repressed stuff.