EFT: Waking Up with a Positive Perception

June Spencer is an EFT Trainer in the North East of England. I have known June since she attended an EFT Training with me many years ago. June recently assisted me on a level 3 training and as part of that training used the following tapping sequence. I thought it would be really nice to invite June to post it on my blog.

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Waking Up with a Positive Perception

By June Spencer
I would like to share with you how I wake up and start the day. I am only human and there are some days when I want to hide under the duvet and stay there (but these seem few and far between nowadays).

I love the moment when you just wake up, in a sense of semi-consciousness to the world. Warm, snuggled, not a care in the world. It is at this point I begin tapping how I want to experience my day.

Karate Point …. Even though I don’t know what this day will bring, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Karate Point …. Even though I don’t know what experiences I will have today, I am feeling positive
Karate Point …. Even though my bed is warm and I am feeling positive and I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Eye Brow: I don’t know what today will bring, I am feeling positive
Side of Eye: I choose to see the world through positive eyes
Under Eye: I choose to have positive experiences throughout the day
Under Nose: I am ready to greet the day with a smile
Chin: I accept the abundance that is coming my way
Collar Bone: I am feeling confident
Under Arm: I am feeling positive
Top of Head: I am ready to start my day in a positive way

I then tap a round or two using short phrases that suit my needs.

Eye Brow: Feeling positive
Side of Eye: Feeling confident
Under Eye: Seeing through positive eyes
Under Nose: Feeling good about the day
Chin: Positive and happy
Collar Bone: Confident
Under Arm: Ready to receive abundance
Top of Head: With Gratitude and Love

You can add any positive thoughts and intentions and make it as long and short as you like. I guarantee you will start your day with a smile and will receive many smiles back.

I like to end my day by just tapping in and reminding myself of all the good things that have happened during the day, with gratitude and Love.

I believe what we put out, we get back. Have Fun.

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