How EFT cleared Kerrie’s Spider Phobia

Kerrie had had a life long phobia of spiders. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Kerrie was booked to visit Australia where spiders are not only bigger than in the UK, they can also be poisonous. Prior to her Australian trip Kerrie was booked on to an EFT Level 1 course. During the course she worked with a fellow trainee on her spider phobia and cleared it. The following is Kerrie’s story.

Kerrie’s EFT Spider Story: For those queasy at heart, Kerrie talks about letting a tarantula sit on her hand and nakedness. You have been warned.

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t terrified of spiders, so I don’t know when the phobia started, but I was absolutely terrified of them. I used to check each room from the door before entering just in case a spider was in there.

I particularly was terrified of the way they moved, how fast and erratic their legs were, and of course they were ALWAYS heading straight for me.

I used to tuck my bedding in as tight as possible to make sure no spider could ever get in there.

When I was about 14, I was in the shower and shampooing my hair when I noticed a spider on the shower curtain, I jumped out of the shower in panic bringing the shower curtain with me and riping it down. Then convinced that the spider would be crawling over me, I dived out of the bathroom in a blind panic and fell down the stairs, breaking my right arm.

Even though we had a house full of family at the time and I was stark naked, the only thought in my mind was to get away from the monster.

In September 2007 I was due to go for my 4th trip to Australia, and I knew that I wouldn’t sleep properly the whole time I was there, I was particularly scared of the Australian spiders, their either huge huntsman or small and venomous. Every time id been there id lain awake most nights on alert. I’d put my shoes inside nylon tights and knot the tops, and id keep all my clothes in plastic in case a nasty red-back got in there. (much to the great amusement of my Aussie pals). in actual fact I’d never even seen a spider in the previous trips, apart from in the Zoo.

I attended the EFT level 1 workshop in August and as well as tackling my chocolate addiction, you did an EFT session on spiders, in particular the way they moved. I remember that you used set up statements, of “even though I’m terrified of spiders, especially they way the move and how fast they run” etc
and also you used a lot of comedy such as ” even though I know their just out to get me, cos that’s why their born etc, and we were all laughing.

A few days after the workshop I was packing for my Aussie trip, when I opened the suitcase, a spider was waiting for me, I just calmly got a paper cup, ushered it in with my hand! kept my hand on the top and took it outside, with no panic at all. I was so proud of myself I emailed my whole family.

I also did a couple of more EFT rounds on myself re my fear of Australian spiders.

When we arrived in Melbourne we went to out apartment and settled in, I slept really well and felt very relaxed, we had been there about a week when my son told me that I hadn’t mentioned spiders all week.

In the 3rd week, my son came into our bedroom to tell us that there was a red-back spider on the wall above his bed. These spiders are particularly venomous so it certainly couldn’t stay there. I went into the bedroom, stood on a chair and removed the spider with a glass and a piece of card, ( to dangerous to use my hand on this one). then I put it outside in some bushes. (even though id always been scared, I would never harm or kill one)

When I was home I really wanted to put my fears to the test. I went on a trip to Blackpool Zoo as I had heard that there was an opportunity to hold a Tarantula. However when I got there, there were to many schoolchildren on a trip so I didn’t get the chance. However I met someone who said they had a tame chili rose tarantula called Chloe and I could go to meet her, so this I did.

At first I was a little nervous as she looked enormous, but Carol held her first and invited me to stroke her, I was amazed how soft she felt, and apparently she liked being stroked. Carol then asked me to place my hands flat and Chloe walked ac cross onto my palms, I just sat there totally amazed at how gentle and how soft she felt, in fact she was totally beautiful, her markings were amazing,
It was one of the most stunning things to have experienced and I knew then that id finally and totally overcome my phobia with EFT”.


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Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can completely relate to your phobia( and chocolate addiction) Two of the reasons I am looking into EFT. I have been petrified all my life, and seem to have the gift of yes attracting them and finding them. Probably because I too am always on the lookout.
    Life without a spider fear what is that like?
    I too would love to travel to Australia especially New Zealand, but know that I can’t now with my fear. I couldn’t do it.
    I’m ready to get this gone and if this works I am speechless.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

    Megan Farhall

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