Inner RePatterning- a Radically Different EFT Approach


I was recently in Paris. Whilst in was in the catacombs beneath the city, some interesting ideas popped into my mind. So, you could say the Inner RePatterning approach has its birth place in Paris (Paris/ Europe- there is a Paris in America:-), so I found out, but that is another story). Since coming back I have shared this approach with my clients and students and had some amazing results.

I just thought I would like to share a little about the approach because so many people have asked me, what is it?

Inner RePatterning- a Radically Different EFT Approach


Issues in EFT

1. To get results with EFT you have to get into the specifics of the problem. In many cases that means finding the events from the past that are foundational to your current problem and tapping them out. This can in some cases be complex and tricky.

What if you don’t need to go to the past events?

2. Typically in EFT we look for the core issues, we find words that represent them and tap. This can be challenging especially if you are working on your own problem. It can even be challenging for experienced therapists. One of the biggest problems for people new to EFT is finding those elusive words. In many cases the inability to find words can actually stop people using EFT in the first place.

What if you don’t need to even understand your problem in order to clear it? What if you don’t need the words?

Inner RePatterning- What is it?

What if there is another way, one that cuts out the “middle man”, the conscious mind; an approach that works directly with how your mind/ body system has encoded your problem?

Well, Inner RePatterning is an approach that works in the Now, the current moment in time. It does not require you to delve into the past or the future. It does not require that you try to understand your problem, in fact during the process there is no attempt made to understand at all. Why do this? Why, because, attempting to understand can slow down the process of change, it can hinder the results. It can be the conscious mind striving to understand. Understanding does not clear problems, it just means you know the “ins and outs” (everything about it) of your problem.

Inner RePatterning is a goal orientated therapy. It is important to set a goal for the therapy process in order to help you achieve what you want to achieve. It sets the direction for the therapy process.

Inner RePatterning works with the language of the mind. The language of the mind goes beyond words. In fact words are often not sufficient to represent our own internal experience, the words often represent the “best fit” we can find to explain what we are experiencing. That is why Inner RePatterning does not rely on the words.

Inner RePatterning works with understanding the structure of problems. It applies this understanding to help guide the mind to identify “the problem”.

Now that might sound complex, however Inner RePatterning is stunningly simple, both for the therapist and the person using it. It takes the process of change back to, what is the minimum we need to do in order to create profound results. It takes it back to the process of change being SIMPLE.

I will be posting more information on Inner RePatterning shortly. If you would like to receive information, please fill in the form below.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.


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  • Hi,

    Have you had success curing fibromyalgia?


    • Hi Michael,
      EFT is used in Fibromyalgia. Inner RePatterning is an extremely new approach. As far as I am aware it has not as yet been used with this problem. It has however been used on pain and emotional issues very successfully.

      All the best,

      Tania A Prince
  • Hi Tanya, this sounds like a fascinating way of getting more results from EFT. I am interested to know more about the method you use, as I often find my conscious mind simply will not step out of the way and let the healing commence, even though I have been using EFT for a few years now.

    Looking forward to learning more!

    Sharon, Cheshire.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Nice to hear from you. I think you will like this approach. I have sent off a transcript of a session to They will be publishing it in the August Newsletter. The newsletter is free.
      I think a lot of people have that problem with the conscious mind. With this approach we circumvent it.

      Let me know what you think.
      All the best,

      Tania A Prince
  • Hi Tania,
    Just want to say that I am really looking forward to coming to your Inner RePatterning training on 5th September in Manchester. Having had a sneak preview I would highly recommend this process.

    Best regards

  • Hi Tanya
    we met in Manchester, fond memories of a sessin with you :-)……
    and I would love to access the interview on repatterning, but do not seem to be able to do so, even after many variations of trying to access it.
    could you send me another link?
    thanks and much love

  • Having been a using Inner Repatterning as my primary therapy tool for over 9months now I thought it would be useful to share my experience. Working both face to face and over the phone, it is proving very effective and speedy in reaching aims. The gentleness of the approach is perfect for powerfully sensitive issues which would normally cause the client some understandable discomfort or trauma to recall or discuss details. They have been surprised at how quickly they feel and think differently, espeically when they expected a lessor result.

    Clients with mulitple/complex issues, have also used the process as an effective coping mechanism outside client sessions.

    I would recommend all therapists, especially those with clients suffering with emotional challenges, to train in the process because of the quality and results it is achieving.

    Of course I have used it on myself, and find it fascinating, especially when my metaphors are interesting. I have cleared various issues including falling sleep within 5mins when my mind has been alert, tension pain in my back, managing upset from lifes little “gifts”, business disappointments, emotion from the death of an ex boyfriend, feeling “off form” for no reason (I like to be happy all the time with good energy and so when I am not I use EFT to get back on track)

    Great thanks to Tania and June for developing such a good process which is helping my clients minimise their suffering and quickly get to where they want to be.

    Maureen Fearon

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