Inner RePatterning- Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD


Inner RePatterning is a mindful energy based therapy approach developed from EFT and inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle. Below is some recent feedback that I received from a client about the work that we did to help her reach a place of emotional peace using the Inner RePatterning approach.

Picture showing the thymus tapping point used in Inner RePatterning

Thymus Tapping Point

The Client’s Story

“Just a few months ago I felt desperate and depressed, and showed signs of post traumatic stress, cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome, having been in a relationship for some years with a low conscience disordered sociopath. I had no-where to turn having searched high and low for someone who could understand and help me. I approached many counselors and hypnotherapy professionals over a two year period, however their treatments and therapies were lengthy, complex and in vain.

Then I came across Tania’s amazing Inner Repatterning therapy. The results have been truly amazing! I can’t express enough how much this therapy has helped me change my life around. I feel I have me back again! Our sessions allowed me to really focus and unearth deep rooted emotions and beliefs which were extremely damaging to me at the time. After just a couple of sessions I felt like a different person, a stronger person and I am now more aware of myself, my emotions and my healthy boundaries due to the therapy.

I can honestly say the repatterning process has changed me for the better beyond my wildest expectations. Tania is expert, professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. The process is quick, simple, straight forward and allows for dealing with many issues and emotions at the same time…..exactly what I needed. Anyone would benefit from this process to tackle fears, phobias, pain, general energy imbalances and emotional issues and I really can’t recommend it enough.”

In further feedback she reported after the first session (which was focused on the relationship issues),

“On the way I felt I was literally releasing him and the anger from my body, it was amazing! I felt a massive sense of inner peace”.

After the second session (which was focused on the relationship and lack of trust issues) she reported:

“…..when I got home and a few days later, I felt an unreal sense of peace within. I experienced clarity and was able to take control of myself and my feelings instead of feeling they were controlling me. I did not feel I needed another session at that point for this issue”.

Cognitive Dissonance – What is it?

This is a state in which we hold conflicting ideas at one and the same time, in this case, love/hate amongst other things. This is often found when relationships break leaving one or both partners additively thinking about the other, unable to let go of the thoughts.

You can find out more about Inner RePatterning including a free ebook by following this link.

All the best,


Tania A Prince

EFT Master

NLP Trainer

Please Note: the references to post traumatic stress, cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome are used to describe the symptoms the client was experiencing after she extensively researched into her problem to try to help herself. This is not a doctor’s diagnosis.

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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