Integrating the Inner Child with EFT and NLP Approach

 The Next Deep State RePatterning (DSR) Course that I am running is on the 20th of February, however I thought I would publish an article I wrote recently that has been published in the EFT International Buzz and the EFT Mastersworldwide Newsletter.

I have been getting some excellent results with the DSR process, even with people who have used EFT extensively and not shifted their problems to the degree that they need in order to feel healed.

The part of the DSR process I am sharing below takes place after the events have been tapped through. You could see this part of the process as the icing on the case. It allows for a more complete healing to occur. 

For those who would like to know more about Deep State RePatterning, you can visit my website. I have a free audio in which Yvonne talks about working on a past life to deal with her current life eating issue. 

Deep State RePatterning and Re-Integrating the Inner Child

Deep State RePatterning (DSR) is a powerful process that combines EFT with NLP to deal with the deepest roots of issues. This process deals with causative roots from early childhood upwards, but it also easily finds and deals with those typically more difficult to access, birth, pre-birth and even past life and issues passed down through the generation of the family. The process is simple and gains profound results. It can be used with difficult cases. You do not need to believe in past lies to use this approach as it could equally be seen as a powerful metaphorical approach. DSR could also been seen as a method of working with the inner child.

Re-Integrating the Inner Child is a process used in DSR that takes the healing that occurs after tapping through  and clearing the issues. It takes the degree of healing that occurs to a deeper level. It can reconnect the person with parts of them that have been lost because of trauma and high emotional states along the journey of life. The re-integration process brings this part back into the person and helps them feel more whole or as Elaine put it after re-integrating her eight year old self, “It felt like a piece of my soul returned”. Elaine’s description is a common way that I have heard people describe the experience of re-integration.

The wording below gives the gist of the process. It is not necessary to use exactly the same working although some of the phrasing is done in a way to enhance communication with the subconscious mind..

How to Re-Integrate

Step 1: Find the point in time when the trauma occurred and tap through until the younger version of the person, child or adult is totally healed and in a place of peace and total acceptance.

Step 2: Ask the younger version of themselves commonly referred to as the inner child (although it could be an adult) if it is OK to re-integrate with their older self

Step 3: If the answer is no, treat this as tapable issues and clear any blocks to getting permission to re-integrate

An example of an objection to re-integration

When asked the re-integration question the lady asking, got a sense/ image of fog, like a cloudy sky and a feeling of choking. This was tapped through just using normal EFT Language. Instantly the fog lifted, the lady had a sense of the sky being cleared, when asked again about re-integration there was no objection.

Step 4: Only when you have permission should you go through the re-integration steps.

Ask the client to tap on the karate point

“I want you to imagine bringing her (him) back inside of you”

Eye Brow: “And begin to reconnect”.

Side of the Eye: “And have that sense of connection, beginning to get that sense of wholeness”.

Under the Eye: “As you begin to take on board all those wonderful learnings from that younger you”.

Under the nose: “And have access to all of those wonderful resources”.

Chin: “You can begin to sense that feeling of wholeness, oneness in a beautiful way”

Collar Bone: “And as you do that you can re-integrate all of those learning and put them in just the right place”.

Under the Arm: “So that you can access them whenever you need to access them”

Top of the Head: “Feeling those wonderful feelings now and keeping those feelings with you”

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Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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