Living Energy Secrets Season 3


Just thought I would check in before Christmas, since I haven’t posted in a while. I have been so busy.  One of the main reasons for my being so busy was because of my involvement with the Living Energy Secrets Seminar. It was great fun.

Just in case you are interested in checking it out, the Living Energy Secrets is closing down Season 3 this Sunday at midnight, you still have time.

I was privileged to be one of the 24 speakers interviewed on the series. It is all about presenting energy healing from a practical and scientific standpoint.

Debra Thompson is the host of the series, and here’s what she had to say about my interview:

“I’ve just completed another Living Energy Secrets Master Practitioner interview, and I think you’re going to enjoy it!

Healing can really be a peaceful, calm process that brings an end to core problem issues. My guest today was Tania A Prince, one of fewer than 30 EFT Masters in the entire world, and one of  the author’s of “EFT and Beyond”.

She is a regular speaker at major energy healing conferences around the world, and is also the co-developer of EFT Inner RePatterning. This energy healing modality is perfect for those who struggle with identifying their core issues, or identifying past traumas, because with EFT Inner RePatterning, those things aren’t really necessary.

Here are some of today’s highlights:

* how a woman with no previous exposure to energy healing relieved a friend’s severe back pain after only one session of EFT Inner Repatterning training

* why her method involves tapping on only one body point, the thymus (heart chakra)

* why a peripheral vision state is so powerful, and how to use it for healing (she also led us in a peripheral vision exercise)

* how Repatterning is very close to hypnotherapy

* why real, permanent change can only occur at the subconscious level

* “the subconscious mind is your loyal servant”

* the importance of stepping out of “our story” and just being present

* why you shouldn’t tap too fast or even very hard

* why it’s so important not to over think by focusing on core issues and past traumas

* Tania’s generous free gift to listeners, a transcript from a healing session for feelings of stress and being overwhelmed”

Deb’s opening up all 24 replays so you can listen for one last time.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the broad array of energy healing techniques presented in a practical and down-to-earth manner.


All the best,


Tania A Prince

EFT Master

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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