Panic attacks can be an incredibly debilitating issue for people. I have worked with many people who have had this issue. I have found EFT to be an excellent tool for helping people deal with panic. The following article was submitted by Anne who after clearing her panic attacks with EFT has gone on to become an EFT Therapist. She feel passionate about sharing her experience in the hope that it may help others in a similar situation suffering from panic attacks.


My story starts when, at the beginning of last year, my father passed away after a battle against cancer.  To say that this was the most traumatic experience of my life was an understatement and then when he tried to commit suicide during the time he was ill and I also discovered that he had tried to end his life on numerous other occasions during my childhood, I was distraught.

All this, together with his death, had a profound effect on my own life.  My self-worth was rock-bottom – I questioned so many things on so many occasions.  Why had my father tried to end his life when I was a child?  Was family life so awful?  Was it my fault?  If he had loved me, why would he have done that?  I had no really bad memories of my childhood, just visions of seeing my father being taken away in ambulances and visiting him in various institutions.

I managed to hold myself totally together until the week after his funeral when the reality of it all hit home and I suddenly found myself in the fearful position of being a mother to two teenage children and not being able to go out of the house.  The very thought of visiting the supermarket, going out with friends, indeed having friends around, just brought up so many fears and I began having the most dreadful panic attacks.  Even being caught at a traffic light turning red when I actually did venture out of the house made me feel as though I was going to die there and then………..

I turned to different therapies – counselling, reiki, hypnotherapy – but nothing was working.  Then one day, quite by chance, as I was googling alternative therapies, I found Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) which was described as a non-invasive form of acupuncture – an energy therapy which consisted of tapping on various acupressure points whilst dealing with negative emotions.  I was intrigued, and as I had never heard of it before, I decided to look further.  I was drawn to a website called a website written by Gary Craig who founded EFT, and saw that there was an EFT Master Practitioner called Tania Prince, in Cheshire.   There were only 29 Master Practitioners in the world!  Immediately, I rang Tania and explained to her what was happening to me.  She listened attentively and said that she thought EFT would be able to help me.  We made an appointment for me to visit her that very week.  Somehow, I managed to drive the 20 miles to her Practice in Macclesfield and within one hour, I couldn’t believe the transformation that had taken place in myself.  Instead of breaking down every time I thought of my father, I felt at peace and to this very day I have never felt the need to cry over losing him.  I think of him and the happy memories we had together and smile instead.

I started venturing out again and the panic attacks subsided.  As I went further afield, of course, the fear of would I have another panic attack came over me.  But as I learnt more and more about EFT and did EFT on myself, these fears became less and less.  I decided to train with Tania and, for the first time in my life, felt brave enough to drive into Manchester on my own – something even before my father died I would never have attempted.

By the time October came last year, I was on my way to London on the train on my own for the first EFT Masters’ Conference – what a feeling of elation I got and I felt so proud of myself.  In November, I finally reached Advanced Level 3 Practitioner level with Tania and was practising EFT on anyone and everyone I met.  I was so passionate about what EFT had done for me – I was a prime example of how fantastic EFT was and how well it worked.

The crowning glory of all this came last week when, at a week’s notice, I found myself on a plane with my teenage daughter on my way to Dubai for a holiday without even a moment’s thought of what could happen to me?  Would I have a panic attack on the plane?  Would I be sick before the taxi journey back to the airport?  How would I cope being in an unfamiliar country not knowing anyone?  It wasn’t until I was coming home that I realised how far I had come since last year – when I couldn’t even get into the car to take my daughter to school and here I was flying half-way around the world without giving it a moment’s thought.  How wonderful that feeling was – I was finally the confident outgoing woman I always knew I could be.  I know that without EFT, there was no way I could have done any of it.

I am so passionate about EFT and how it can change a person’s life.  For me, it changed my self-beliefs and writings on the wall from when I was a child and I truly feel that the real me is now ready and willing to take on the world!  World watch out!

Anne Yates

Anne Yates practices EFT in the Cheshire, Nantwich area and can be contacted either by her phone number, which is 07877 912367 or via her email (Anne Yates)