Confident Public Speaking: Open Course

Duration: 1 day

Location: YHA Conference Centre, YHA  Manchester, Potato Wharf, Castlefield, Central Manchester, England M3 4NB

Investment: £175


9.30-10 am arrival Start at 10 am finish at 5pm

One day intensive workshop aimed at teaching and implementing some of the most powerful techniques in the world today to enable attendees to develop greater self confidence when speaking in public.

Confident Public Speaking: Why attend this Training Course?

The Confident Public Speaking training course is uniquely different from other public speaking courses. It utilises some of the most powerful, fast and effective techniques, EFT and NLP available in the world today for building self confidence.

Tania is an Internationally recognised trainer in both these techniques and has years of experience of working with public speaking nerves. She has extensive experience with this fear that ranges from mild to extreme cases. She also has extensive experience and is one of very few people in the world who specialises in the treatment of this issue including issues that can sometimes be related such as blushing and panic whilst public speaking or being the focus of attention.

The techniques used on this cope are far more than just a means to control nerves, that can eliminate nerves simply because they can stop the nerves being triggered in the first place.

Why attend this Training Course?

The Benefits to YOU

Mastering self confidence in public speaking will enable you to:

  • Speak more fluidly
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Eliminate the need for word for word notes of the talk or presentation
  • Allow you to be more resourceful in dealing with difficult questions
  • Allow you to be more entertaining as a public speaker
  • Help people progress in a career where being in the public lime-light is a requirement
  • Be more relaxed prior to giving the talk
  • Give the talk you want to give rather than finding out you missed out chunks of the information
  • Be less dependent on props such as PowerPoint
  • Have greater access to your memory
  • Appear more confident in front of your peers
  • Raise your self -esteem
  • Allow you to speak up and voice your opinion if you wish to do so

Who Should Attend This Training?

Anyone who is in a job that requires them to speak in public and feels anxious/ self conscious or nervous at the thought and would like to have more confidence

  • Anyone who job requires them to attend board or team meetings and feels nervous about voicing their opinions
  • Sales people who feel nervous when they have to talk about their product
  • People new to public speaking, who would like to develop some skills and feel more confident
  • People who blush
  • Anyone who becomes self-conscious speaking in public

What Will You Learn On This Course?

This is a course geared to building self confidence speaking in front of other people. With that objective in mind it utilises some of the most powerful, simple yet effective techniques available in the world today for building natural self confidence. These include:

1. Understanding Public Speaking Nerves

  • Understanding how this problem was created does not eliminate it but does however help you develop a strategy for dealing with it.

2. Powerful cutting edge techniques to enhance your self-confidence

  • EFT: One of the most powerful techniques for dealing with feelings such as pre-talk nerves, panic, blushing, memory issues, etc.

EFT when originally developed was taken into a war veteran’s hospital. It was able to eliminate issues the veterans had such as phobias and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (extreme nervous issues) even when nothing else had worked previously. These men had had the problems in some case for more than twenty years, EFT dealt with them with minutes to hours

NLP: Is another incredible tool that can massively increase your self-confidence

To speak with Tania direct call: 01625 520016, feel free to call if you have any questions about treatment or contact Tania via email.