EFT Tapping Therapy: Fear of Taking Responsibility

Hi, Below is an article sent to me by William Thomas who I trained in EFT. I thought it would be a nice article to publish because of the way that William uses language, very clear and to the point. Although this case is done in a very simple way, it is all about results. […]

By Tania A Prince | Anxiety . EFT

Social Anxiety Disorder

What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Social anxiety disorder (also called social phobia) is the fear of being rejected or embarrassed in certain social occasions such as going for an interview or delivering a speech in public. A feeling of nervousness or a state of hesitation on such occasions is perfectly natural, but this anxiety problem […]

By Tania A Prince | Anxiety . Anxiety and PTSD

Ruth’s Anxiety and Inner RePatterning – A Success Story

Ruth’s comments after an Inner RePatterning demonstration to deal with her anxiety: “I couldn’t quite believe it! I tested it out. I walked home – Ambulance sirens didn’t bother me, busy traffic was on the road, and I on the pavement – no reaction. We went into a busy restaurant – no reaction – amazing!”

By Tania A Prince | EFT Training Courses

EFT and The Power of Reframing

Here is another article on combining EFT and the art of reframing. Both EFT and reframing are powerful tools in their own right for creating powerful shifts in perception, shifts that can enhance the quality of a persons life. When combined it can increase the effectiveness of the approaches.