EFT – LOA, Feeling trapped and starting a business

Hi, Here is another case using EFT. This time it is in the area of success and business. Or another word that describes the session is manifestation. The Dream Shannon’s dream was to run her own therapy business. She had already attended my EFT Training courses in Manchester. So was fully qualified to work as […]

By Tania A Prince | EFT . EFT Training Courses . Law of Attraction

Setting up businesses and unleashing your potential

Wow, finally back to writing the blog. So much has happened since I last sat down and blogged. Well where do I begin. Maybe the beginning is a good place to start. I presented at the Boston Conference in America. I really have to say, what a lovely bunch of people. What a great atmosphere, […]

By Tania A Prince | Business . EFT

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