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Upper Back Pain – EFT Training

Hi, Here is another follow up to the post I wrote about Tony and how EFT was able to help give him relief from his upper back pain after his having surgery (Upper Back Pain Gone). The cause of Tony’s back pain was a skin cancer operation, which resulted in him having several scars, one […]

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EFT: Jim’s Painful Shoulder Pain Relief in 15 minutes

Hi, I previously published an article about Jim and how his discomfort and restriction in his shoulder movement had gone within 15 minutes after he volunteered for me to use the EFT, Chase the Pain approach at the EFT Training. Below is an excerpt from the article as well as a link “Jim had damaged […]

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EFT and Twenty Years of Neck Pain and Stiffness Gone

EFT and Pain EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful tool for dealing with pain. Not all pain is bad, although it might seem that way. Pain is necessary, it lets you know there is something wrong. For example if you fall over and you have a pain in your ankle, you are likely to stay […]

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Car Accident Pain – Dramatic Improvement After EFT

Hi, At the last EFT Training course that I ran in Manchester, Beryl very kindly agreed to let me demonstrate on her the Chase the Pain approach. Chase the Pain is a very simple process for applying EFT to pain and physical problems. It can also be used on emotional issues, as a gentle approach, […]

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